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Balanced Song Selection?

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  • Balanced Song Selection?

    Hey, here are our paradigms in addition to a foundation selection principle based on songs being a theological response to the word. http://www.worshiptrench.com/?p=124

    Any others we should add or that you consider?

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    wow thats a real good list there...give me a few days to ponder this one.


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      In Colossians 3, there is an implied "list" of corporate worship parameters that I call the "Four Aspects of Corporate Worship" and like to describe in this way:

      God to Us -- hearing from the Word. This is the first and primary element, absolutely essential and unavoidable. If God had not spoken in His word and through the Word, no response would be necessary.

      Us to God -- our response of thanksgiving and praise back to Him.

      Others to Us -- as we listen to the sermon, the announcements, testimonies, etc.

      Us to Others -- as we encourage, share, pray for, etc.

      There should be a balance throughout our worship planning in all four of these aspects. I tend to believe that only over a spectrum of several weeks can someone new to our worship get a balanced sense of all four of these. It would be difficult to balance all four in EVERY service, but over the course of a month or so we should be reflecting each element in our planning.


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        Hey Mark,
        As usual great post .. I'd add one word to your "Us to Others" line, though .... "sing".

        I try to always pay attention when a song is written from a grammatical standpoint that I (the invidiual singer) am singing/exhorting TO the people I'm singing with.

        I am amused sometimes when a lyrics is obviously intended as a "speak/sing to one another" lyric, and the worshiper has their eyes closed and hands reached to the heavens .. I'm like, I wonder if God is saying "uh ...are you talking to Me"?

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          Mark great post...good words there