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'How He Loves' Question

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    Sorry to triple post...

    I think the Crowder line is "like an unforseen kiss"


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      Purpose of song. Context of writing.

      I know this song is used in corporate worship settings, but I'm pretty sure JMM didn't intend for this song to be the latest corporate worship movement when he wrote it. It's a VERY personal song.

      That being said, there is a HUGE word (just one) that really brings clarity to me in the "heaven meeting earth like a wet sloppy kiss" line.


      It doesn't say "with" - it says like. To me there is a huge difference.

      Also, I'll add this: Romans 16:16, 1 Corinthians 16:20, 2 Corinthians 13:12, and 1 Thessalonians 5:26.

      Get your holy kiss on.
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        We make the change...but I guess you all knew I'd do that. I am all for anthropomorphism, but not really this one as to me it so grabs the worshiper that they get "line locked" and miss the other truths of the song.

        Occasionally we are going to add a end-tag that goes the other way, "oh how I love you" to show the response back and keep us from being to narcissistic.


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          Here’s the thing: I come from a background of abuse, including sexual. I learned and loved the unforeseen kiss version. When I first heard “sloppy wet kiss” it immediately brought to mind terrible images that made it hard to focus on the song. I imagine anyone who has been through this type of abuse would react with aversion as I did. I couldn’t imagine God forcing gross, wet kisses on me like that and it made me upset that anyone would put that kind of image of God out there. This song seems to be about the loving relationship between God and man, but “sloppy wet kiss” doesn’t bring to mind love or gentleness; instead, “sloppy wet kiss” brings to mind forceful, inconsiderate, pushy, and controlling which I do not associate with God at all. I’m all about creativity (I have a degree in theater), but when it messes with the image of God, it bothers me.