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Best Guitarist in Worship?

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  • Best Guitarist in Worship?

    I just might have him, bring it on Lincoln Brewster

    http://www.worshiptrench.com/?p=545 for some mind-blowing work.

    I love having a team that can function even when I am stuck in knee deep rat infested water in Hanoi where hundreds are dying but the Americo-centric media won't even do a report. (That is another story).

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    I don't know, check out our guitar player...

    We have a pretty dang good guitarist too:



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      Let's all get together and have a giant TWC battle of guitar solos. That would really honor and glorify God if we celebrated Him as TalentGiver as dude's played solos with their guitars on fire and other cool stuff, right? hahaha


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        That would be awesome, but, it won't be me doing it! I will be over in the corner playing some power chords hoping nobody notices...


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          Maybe we'll have that at the elusive "TheWorshipCommunity.Com" annual conference?
          Fred McKinnon, Pianist/Composer/Worship Leader
          blog: www.fredmckinnon.com

          Please check out my piano/instrumental music at:


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            Yes, Fred, maybe we will. When will that be, during the millenium? (Woops, I couldn't come as I'm amillenial, but I would cheer for you hosting it as I would already be in God's presence...haha)

            Seriously, you need to do one but do it differently with learning communities and not so much only keynotes and breakouts.

            Create collaborative communities around different topics where you have "experts" in that area facilitate the questions but not lecture. We did this at the communication conference that Church Marketing Sucks puts on an it rocked. (their name not mine).


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              Sign me up! My "Boutique Strat" (two years in the building and counting) ought to be finished by then...or not

              Love ONE woman...MANY guitars!



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                Either Lincoln Brewster or Nigel Hendroff from Hillsong. The guy has people lined up around the block to be mentored by him.

                YouTube - Might to save hillsong guitar workshop


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                  Anybody ever listen to Wilco? Not a Christian band, but VERY talented...They do a lot of sonic weirdness...Crazy guitar solos, great use of effects, very unorthodox and interesting.

                  My brother and I both play guitar and will be playing at a big youth rally Saturday. My brother has always drummed for me, but hasn't played guitar with me often. The more we've been practicing, the more he and I have started playing off of eachother and doing the sonic-weirdness thing...Crazy guitar solos drenched in fuzz/delay/reverb, tweaking the "Time" knob on the delay pedal making weird space-man type sounds, frantic picking...It sounds like a lot of beautiful racket. I mentioned to the guy drumming for us that we were just playing around and wouldn't really be doing that on stage, and he was like "No, dude! You've got it! It sounds awesome!" :-)

                  So...we're gonna do some of it this weekend and see what the crowd reaction is. This is more of a concert/outreach than a worship event, so we can kinda do more concert-performance type stuff... I'll see if my wife can video some of it and I'll post up some video of what I'm talking about.


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                    I've never listened to Wilco, but the stuff you're describing sounds like some of what Mute Math does, which I love.


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                      For the last half hour I've just had the andytimmons.com home page in the background. Put on some headphones and open the page in a different window.

                      Thank you Yod
                      I need pictures of your drummer in his booth/cage/room http://drummersbehindglass.com


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                        Originally posted by travisvwright View Post
                        For the last half hour I've just had the andytimmons.com home page in the background. Put on some headphones and open the page in a different window.

                        Thank you Yod
                        Andy is also one of the most humble people you will ever meet, btw. Accessible to anyone who wants to talk....

                        And as great as Andy is, his drummer is the best musician in the band. I wouldn't dream of recording without Dan Wojciehowski. Maybe someday I will be able to spell his name without looking at the credits?

                        what? me worry?


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                          That is Andy Timmons as in the Pawn Kings, yes? They were a pretty popular band around the Dallas area in the late 90s. I never knew he was at all involved in worship music, but he's an incredible guitarist.


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                            Jesus is the best guitarist. I've seen him use many people to play guitar through them. LOL.. I know... cheezy


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                              Who is the greatest? Remember what Jesus said when the disciplies wanted to know who was the greatest? It is the one who serves. So I would venture to say the greatest guitarist is the one who is lifting everyone else.