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    Hey Everyone,
    I'm posting this for Jan, a worship leader who sent this via email. She's a member of the forums, but couldn't remember her login! (gotcha!)

    Anyway, she'll probably find this eventually, but her question is this:

    Hey all -
    I am researching the next worship songs to add to our rotation and wondered what songs you have encountered lately that are powerful? That touched you? If you are a worship leader, what songs have you seen that seem to help others connect deeply to God? What's working in your church?

    Thanks so much,
    Fred McKinnon, Pianist/Composer/Worship Leader
    blog: www.fredmckinnon.com

    Please check out my piano/instrumental music at:

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    We are seeing several songs that God is touching people with lately. Here are a few off the top of my head:

    Yearn- Shane and Shane
    Beautiful the Blood- Fee
    Lift High- Fee

    Yearn we have been playing for a while, but the last 2 are pretty recent, like this past Sunday for Lift High, so I based the decision to put those on this short list because of immediate response with the song very new to the congregation.<---------very close to a run on sentence!!


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      The answer of this question sorta depends on how up on the times your church is. If you're not doing them yet, I'd add "Sweetly Broken", "How He Loves", & "Revelation Song", for starters. My personal favorites right now are very fresh: "Morningstar" by Al Gordon, "Say So" by Michael Gungor, "I have Found" by Kim Walker, & runner up goes to Celebration Music's "One & Only".


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        New Worship Songs

        well I figured it out! thanks for posting and answering this question!


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          Sure thing - glad you found your login Jan.

          I think a few songs that very "new" that are catching on in churches would include:

          "Today is the Day" by Lincoln Brewter
          "Let God Arise" by Chris Tomlin/Passion
          "Our God Saves" by Paul Baloche
          "Healer" (Planetshakers or Hillsongs)
          "God Of This City" (Passion)
          Fred McKinnon, Pianist/Composer/Worship Leader
          blog: www.fredmckinnon.com

          Please check out my piano/instrumental music at:


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            Our church is digging LB's "God You Reign".

            Practical Worship

            Please Pray For My Wife


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              Baloche, for sure.

              "Our God Saves"
              "Because of Your Love"

              Love ONE woman...MANY guitars!



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                We are loving Everything by Lifehouse!

                The one problem we run into is we haven't been able to find any decent sheet music for the song. Most all of the instrumentalists have just been playing it by ear and writing their own...Can anyone help?


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                  here's a link


                  http://www.iwillworship.com/view.asp?id=2202 is Everything by Lifehouse

                  Hope this works for you.



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                    Jesus Messiah

                    Last Sunday we taught our congregation Jesus Messiah, by Chris Tomlin. It's been playing on K-Love pretty often, so a lot of our people had heard it and picked it right up. It is a relatively easy song and I really like it, but I was unprepared for how powerfully that song would touch our people. I think it's going to be one of our favorites.


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                      Lots of Good Songs

                      Lots of good songs, everything folks have listed has been great. . . I just added three songs by Daniel Doss to our song list that I'm really enjoying. . . plus the lead sheets are posted on his web site, which is always an added bonus. . .

                      "Lord Reign", "Great God" and "Abba Father" are all really excellent. . .



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                        "You Made a Way" by Cory Asbury & Matt Gillum
                        "The Fragrance of Your Name" by Cory Asbury & Matt Gillum
                        "Oh You Bring" by Hillsong United - Across the Earth Album
                        "Till I See You" Hillsong United
                        "Lord of Lords" Brooke Fraser
                        "We The Redeemed" Hillsong


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                          A few that have been getting to me lately are:
                          "Bless His Name" - Tony Sanchez (as recorded by Jeremy Riddle, though)
                          "Your Love Never Fails - Recorded by Jesus Culture
                          "More than Anything" - Hillsong United
                          "Refuge" - Sojourn Community Church
                          "The World can't take it Away" - Ryan Delmore


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                            New Songs

                            We have been using...

                            Great In All The Earth - Starfield
                            Reign in Us - Starfield
                            I Need You - Kristian Stanfill
                            Hallelujah - Seven Stories Up

                            I love the new Stanfill CD. .


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                              I'll ditto 'Bless His Name"

                              I don't know if this is a "new song" but It's new to me:

                              You Are Holy (Isaiah 6 or Isaiah's call) by Trinity Worship

                              Sing My Love- JEsus Culture