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  • What's Your Favorites?

    Hey everyone, I got a couple questions that I would love some feedback on. After reading the CCLI's top 25 list, I would love to know what songs are your favorite, what songs you're about to teach, and what songs will always be.

    What new songs are you teaching and introducing to your team/people?

    What older songs are really working for your church?

    What songs will never grow old to you?

    With all the new music, live dvd recordings, and unlimited access to songs and technology it is becoming really easy to lose our handle on "leading worship." I'm a young worship leader who still has a lot to learn but one thing I always want to do is "lead" the people into God's presence. And I am a firm believer that song selection is key to this. Don't get me wrong, I love teaching new songs but I think balance is a huge part of successful worship leading.
    Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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    I'm not officially a worship "leader," but I've been on many worship teams, and I've served on the pastoral staff of a church. Worship is one of my passions.

    New stuff:

    It all depends on your style, but I've fallen in love with New Life Worship's Here in Your Presence.

    Also Who is Like You by Generation Unleashed.

    I also recently visited a church that did Hillsong United's Evermore and it really connected.

    These are very modern groups, but I think they do a great job.

    Older Stuff:

    The old standards are old standards for a reason. The Old Rugged Cross, Amazing Grace (NOT the Chris Tomlin version), 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus, It is Well With My Soul.

    I've also discovered that there's a lot of trial and error. You listen to a song on the radio, or at home and you really connect with it personally - then you introduce it to your team, spend all sorts of time learning it, play it for the church and it totally bombs. At my old church we tried In Christ Alone so many times because the recording was so powerful, but it just never really connected with our church. It was a bummer, but that's how it goes sometimes.


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      Off of that list? We don't do a whole lot of those too often. Maybe one a week. From that list Blessed Be Your Name pops out. Friend of God we do a lot.

      New stuff we're doing now tends to lean toward Hillsong and Kutless-type stuff. We've done Finding Who We Are recently, as well as Arms of Love. From Hillsong, Hosanna, One Way, Higher, From the Inside Out.

      We all love to listen to music, and are quick to jump on new stuff. I've been listening to Third Day's Revelations a lot, and we might try some stuff off of that. Born Again jumps out as being good for a service.


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        great songs mikey and newcreation. thanks for the input.

        some new songs for us are: Jesus Messiah (Chris Tomlin), Healer (Hillsong), and God of Justice (Tim Hughes)

        older songs/timeless songs: of course Amazing Grace, I Stand Amazed, Jesus Paid it All, To Him Who Sits on the Throne, Holy, Holy, Holy, Let the Rain of Your Presence, and my favorite when sung traditionally It Is Well


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          We do a rotation of about 30 songs. No more, no less. When we introduce a new song, we rotate an older song out.

          Typically, we only do a song once a month. You're probably thinking, "Once a month, that's it?" But what makes it work is we only do a 3 song set. If we do a song more than once a month it feels like we do it too much.

          Newer Songs We've Introduced and are Introducing:
          I Know Who I Am (Israel Houghton)
          My Savior Lives (New Life Worship)
          All Because of Jesus (Casting Crowns)
          Today is the Day (Lincoln Brestwer)
          Say So (Israel Houghton)

          Older Standards:
          Blessed Be Your Name (Redman)
          You Are Good (Israel Houghton)

          We do a high-energy worship set and don't typically include slower songs (I know it stinks sometimes) so we don't really include hymns or older songs in our regular rotation.

          However, we do quarterly nights of worship where we go all out and do more of a "normal" charismatic/contemporary/modern worship extended set over the course of about 2 hours.

          We'll add songs like Great is Thy Faithfulness, Amazing Grace, I Love You Lord, Lord, I Give You My Heart, Breathe, How Great Thou Art, etc.
          Associate Director of Worship & Media at St. Simons Community Church .He is also the content curator and editor here at The Worship Community.


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            New/Newer Stuff: Jesus Messiah (Tomlin), Because of Your Love (Baloche), Majestic (Brewster).

            Older/Timeless Stuff: Jesus You Are (Baloche), Jesus Paid it All, How Great Thou Art.

            Love ONE woman...MANY guitars!



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              I always fight the battle in introducing new songs. We're in a medium-large church (I guess, 1500-2000?), and I have 3-4 different worship leaders, so we all have to hold back on introduction of too many new songs.

              I'd rather repeat older songs and have the congregation sing than introduce a new song every couple of weeks and have them just stand there. It all depends on vision, teaching, consistency, and the general vibe of your congregation ... do they catch on to new songs quickly, or do they need something more familiar?
              Fred McKinnon, Pianist/Composer/Worship Leader
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                i didn't know there where multiple worship leaders at your church fred. that's cool. how does that work? you guys al responsible for your own services or rotations? thanks for the input.


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                  Hey Jon,
                  No, as the Worship Director, I oversee the rotation. I'm also the primary WL, so I lead probably around 50-60% of the time. The other WL's will be responsible for an entire service 2-3x per quarter (like once a month, or not quite once a month), and then ... I often "mix" the team in such a way where multiple "worship leaders" are on stage - I am encouraging them to not just be the vocal leader of a given song, but to xfer the corporate leadership to them at the time, etc.

                  On Sundays where I'm not the primary leader, I may be playing keys, piano, I may be running sound, floating to the children's or youth environments, or just in the congregation - worshiping. (that one is rare).
                  Fred McKinnon, Pianist/Composer/Worship Leader
                  blog: www.fredmckinnon.com

                  Please check out my piano/instrumental music at:


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                    What new songs are you teaching and introducing to your team/people?
                    I'm a couple of weeks off of introducing Jesus Messiah. Other than that, not much new music coming our way right now.
                    What older songs are really working for your church?
                    Awesome Is The Lord, You Are Good, and the whole "A Greater Song" album by Paul Baloche. Also "With All I Am" by Reuben Morgan
                    What songs will never grow old to you?
                    I don't think Agnus Dei will ever grow old to me. That and "I Exalt Thee"


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                      We do every song on that list aside from 3 or 4, 2 of which I plan on doing eventually. I'm a big fan of Holy Is The Lord and Here I Am To Worhsip.

                      Right now I'm working on re-introducing O Praise Him and No One Like You (we've played them before without the congregation using different instrumentation) and either The Hand That Holds the World or Hosanna (the Starfield version) after that.


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                        New stuff that we've been learning recently:

                        All Because Of Jesus - The Fee version

                        Today Is The Day - Lincoln Brewster

                        God You Reign - Lincoln Brewster

                        God Of This City - Chris Tomlin

                        You Lifted Me Out - Chris Tomlin

                        Exalted (Yaweh) - Chris Tomlin

                        Practical Worship

                        Please Pray For My Wife


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                          Fred: 2000 in attendance is considered a mega church...that would not be medium sized!

                          Songs that we do off of the top 25:

                          Regular for us in the rotation:
                          Mighty To Save
                          Everlasting God

                          Old for us but in the occasional rotation:
                          Blessed Be Your Name
                          Beautiful One

                          New songs we introduced this year not on Top 25 (but should be):
                          All Because of Jesus (Steve Fee Band)
                          Song of Hope (Robbie Seay Band)
                          You'll Come (Hillsong)
                          Revelation Song (Gateway Worship)
                          Hosanna (Hillsong)