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What resources do you use to prepare music for the week?

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  • What resources do you use to prepare music for the week?

    I came across a great new resource (wordtoworship.com) that helps me brainstorm/find songs based on topics. I know several websites that do that (songselect, praise charts), but I've been looking for sites that do this with more relevant music, and this seems to be one of the better ones. I never knew it existed, which made me think, what else is out there that I don't know about! So, I thought this would be a good thread to share what you use during a typical week. I learn a lot by collaborating and I'm sure others do too. Here's mine (in no particular order)!

    Songselect.com (subscription-worth it): Transpose leadsheet/chordsheets - I use this the most.

    Praisecharts.com, musicnotes.com: Piano/leadsheet music; Music Notes usually has more transposed options

    Wordtoworship: find songs to match sermon themes AND scripture references are tied to every song listed

    Ultimateguitar.com: Transpose chordsheets

    Popularhymns.com: Top hymns (I didn't grow up with hymns, but we like to put a twist on the ones we do)

    Lifewayworship.com: This site has several hymns done "with a twist"

    I might be forgetting one or two, but that's a start! Please share!

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    We've been using Planning Center for nearly 2 years to schedule our worship team and songs. My team loves the ability to access the songs to listen to on the Planning Center phone app.

    I also use SongSelect, Praise Charts, & Worship Together. I prefer the chart options on Praise Charts and have found the chord charts to be consistently more accurate than the ones from SongSelect.

    Thanks for sharing about WordtoWorship. I like what I see on there.
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      Thanks for the links, there is some interesting stuff in some of them.

      We pretty much just use Song Select; last year for Christmas the lead sheet they provided were 8 pages long. I found Praisecharts and was able to use some of their products, ended up getting 3 page lead sheets, rhythm charts and even click-tracks for some of the songs. We'll probably use them again at Christmas.




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        Originally posted by Nacah View Post
        I prefer the chart options on Praise Charts and have found the chord charts to be consistently more accurate than the ones from SongSelect.
        You're correct- Song Select is not the greatest at their chord charts- Praise Charts do that well. We also use Planning Center. As you know, that is my primary page!


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          You will want to discover hymnary.org. I know that hymns is not part of your repertoire, but, like you said, you put a twist on those hymns that you do use.

          There is nothing more freeing than to take a set of lyrics, and remold them so to best fit the needs of your congregation. You cannot do that with copyrighted songs. But you can do that with public domain hymns.

          And when you add that such a hymn was authored by a spiritual giant in the faith (Wesley, Luther, Francis of Assisi, etc.), you will have something very special indeed.

          ETA: The thing about http://www.hymnary.org is its unique search engine. You can go as detailed as you want, hitting subjects or authors or publication dates (pre-1922) or Scriptures that you are looking for. Peruse the results, and don't let unfamiliarity be a deterrent. Use the less-familiar songs as a jumping point to spark your own creative approach to making these hymns come alive again.
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            1. Heart
            2. Song select
            3. Past experience with familiar songs
            4. YouTube
            5. My senior worship leader

            But most of all, pray to God and ask Him. He will provide.


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              Must prepare :

              1. Pray
              2. Yourself
              3. God's blessing

              we usually play by ear, though we use songbook if we don't have time to practice but most of the time, playing how i hear it is the best as this will practice your ears too. I'm using ultimate guitar too but there were times that not all submission is correct, better to play it with ears so I'm also free to do some improvement.
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