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LIFT Conference 2015 (May 1, 2)

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  • LIFT Conference 2015 (May 1, 2)

    Was curious if anyone will be attending this conference at Passion City Church in Buckhead (ATL), Ga? I am bringing a few of my team members this year. It is local for us, so a lot easier to budget for it. I have been to the past 2 conferences and it is basically a team building/bonding event for us.

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    My team and I had a great time at the LIFT Conference (Passion City Church) in Atlanta. One thing that I wanted to share is that they had each worship leader (Crowder, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Christy Nockels, & Kristain Stanfill) share funny or embarrassing moments they've experienced leading worship. It was very cool of them to humble themselves and reveal that yes, even these giant's of today's contemporary worship music world have the same issues we may have from time to time at the local church level. One of the funniest ones to me was Matt Redman telling about leading somewhere when his pick flew out of his grip and he assumed it landed in the front row as the joyful worship people were engaged in seemed to ramp up after this happened. What he didn't find out until the set was over is that the pick had actually flew up in the air and landed and stuck to his sweaty forehead just above his right eyebrow and stayed there the remainder of the set. He then realized why the folks were having such a joyful experience, LOL!