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Singing the Benediction

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  • Singing the Benediction

    A couple years ago our senior pastor came to me and just flatly said, "I don't like doing the benediction. I feel like I"m always trying to find ways of recapping my sermon in two sentences. I'm not going to do them anymore. Do you think that's a problem?"

    My solution was singing the benediction. So was played a closing song, he gives the congregation some reminders and then the entire congregation sings a benediction together. Over the years we've changed the benediction numerous times. I'm always looking for new things to sing.

    I started rather traditionally, with things like the Doxology and Gloria Patria. I then started searching for other things. I've found some songs...we're currently singing a song written by Starfield for a conference a few years ago and never released. We've also used the chorus to 10000 Reasons, an old Choir (the band) song, etc. Usually short and sweet to send them out.

    So I'm looking for help. Ideas. Thoughts. Anyone else sing a benediction?

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    One of the things to remember about the traditional Doxology: it's all there. Praising the Trinity, Father Son and Holy Ghost. It's as complete a praise chorus as there ever will be.

    The Doxology was initially based on the last verse of a traditional hymn: All People That On Earth Do Dwell. In fact, pick up an old p.d. hymnal, you will find that the vast majority of final lines of traditional hymns were all some variant of giving praise to the Trinity, Father Son and Holy Ghost.

    I would check there, first.
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      Originally posted by Long Beard View Post
      Anyone else sing a benediction?
      It might not be quite the same thing, but we have a closing prayer followed by the closing chorus. The closing prayer Is usually by someone who is "learning" to lead corporate prayers (maybe a teenager or a newer member). The closing chorus is usually a reprise of something from the song service.

      In the olden days, the closing chorus was something like "Blest Be the Tie that Binds" or "God Be with You Til We Meet Again". And it would stay the same for months on end.


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        I use the Aaronic Benediction all the time (numbers 6:24-27) and also wrote a benediction based on 2 Cor 13:14

        what? me worry?


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          Churches in liturgical traditions often have a choral benediction. Why not lift lyrics from some of those and set them to whatever tune you want to use?

          And while this doesn't answer your question, I enjoy services that end in silence.