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"Stewardship" Sunday

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  • "Stewardship" Sunday

    My post title has quotes, because I'm not sure what else to call it.

    This Sunday our church will be kicking off a Capital Campaign/Funding Drive during the morning worship service. (Quick background, we are almost ready to start building new facility, we voted to do this fundraising drive many months back, it's now time to kick it all off, we knew this was coming.) As the music 'picker', I am struggling trying to figure out appropriate worship elements to accompany this kick off.

    I personally am of the party that doesn't love an entire service dedicated to begging for money, (not that I can be sure that's what our guest speaker will do); so most likely my nervousness over the service is blocking my mind from planning appropriately.

    Without debating the merits of talking finances in a 9am worship service and that giving is in fact worship, I come to you looking for ideas for music, readings, videos, etc. that might be a nice element to this Sunday's service. Anything you've done before, seen before, or just like - please suggest. No idea is a bad idea. Worship elements would take place the first half of the service to prepare hearts and minds to hear the Lord's plan our financial speaker will be presenting to us. Looking for ideas to get our hearts and minds READY.

    Thanks for your help!

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    "Give Me Faith" by Elevation Worship has become a go-to song for us when we know we're teaching a tough lesson on a Sunday.

    Practical Worship

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      Originally posted by milepost13 View Post
      "Give Me Faith" by Elevation Worship has become a go-to song for us when we know we're teaching a tough lesson on a Sunday.

      Great idea! Thank you so much. That's perfect.

      Since I typed and asked this question, it has occurred to me (aka - God sent me a message) that I don't need to find a stewardship themed element, but I need to include elements that truly open up hearts and minds to be able to hear the message God is sending each and every person Sunday.

      So apparently typing my question to you guys helped me figure out what God was trying to tell me all along. So - in a weird way - thanks forum message board!


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        Find songs that bring glory to God. That is your job as song-picker. Don't let a special event drag you away from what you are supposed to do.


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          I'd suggest looking more through a lens of faith and 'calling things that aren't as though they were'. If I were 'theme' oriented, IMO, when it comes to taking risks like adding square footage, building new buildings, things that take a lot of capital, that's more of stepping out in faith to the unknown. I see stewardship as more of 'the building needs repairs- the sinks leak, the children's rooms carpet is shredded, the roof is missing shingles' kind of thing. It's more about caring for what we already have.

          You are looking for people to go above and beyond their normal tithe to invest in a future that isn't tangible right now. They can't touch it or see it, but visualize it.

          As far as songs, I kind of like 'I Refuse' by Josh Wilson. The central message is to quit sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone else to do what God has called us to do. It's motivational to me. It may not work as well from the platform, but it may be great if someone's making a promotional video or something.
          If we want to go places we haven't been, we will have to do things we haven't done.


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            Several years ago I wrote a worship song on the subject of stewardship as part of a larger project on the Ten Commandments.
            If you're at all interested, here is a SoundClick link:

            If you need chord or voice charts, send me a PM and I'll send them to you.
            I hope and pray that your church will be able to navigate this topic Biblically, appropriately, and practically.

            ...a man of few words, all carefully chosen (hopefully)


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              I never responded to tell you guys thanks for your thoughts. They actually helped more than you know to get my mind back on track - away from distraction.

              Thanks Alex for sharing your music!