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Thoughts on song - "Highest"

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  • Thoughts on song - "Highest"

    Me and my band recently recorded a 4 song ep and we just released on iTunes and I wanted to know what you guys thought about our sound and lyrical content. If you like, the rest of the album is available on iTunes for only 4 USD, thank you for taking the time to listen

    Highest - Inland

    Note: There is another person on iTunes known as Inland who has an ep out who is not us, his name is Ed Davenport or something, so if you go on there, just keep that in mind. Thank you, and God bless my friends!

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    The recording sounds good. It has a Hillsong worship experience feel. I'm not sure what is your target audience is; worship or CCM but recording sounds great! It starts out very slow, like I want the hook within 1 minute, but I know there are different writing styles. Harmonies sound good. However, it seems to have a continuous feel; like it goes on forever. For example, there seems to not be a beginning, middle and an end; like a giant continual thread. I am well aware this may be your intent, so if it was; good job! As a writer myself I am always thinking about the listener; what would someone do if they were listening to what is being played. One of the most important lessons I learned, early on, was to be self critical; because in this business everyone has an opinion; and this market is saturated with other artists, so the subpar will be left in this dust, not saying this material is subpar! It is not! Keep at it!

    Chris Draper
    Creative director
    SING Music Publishing


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      I have found this site to be very useful as we don't have many musicians in our church.
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        Sounds cool. Reminds me of Page CXVI.

        Nicely tracked, beautiful voice.

        I'm always curious with songs that are so well-produced ... how does it come off live? What instruments do you use live? I imagine it takes a lot of discipline on the part of your musicians to do it live. One of the most difficult things for me as a WL is to take the studio to the stage. So many times, my players want to just play-play-play, and a song like this requires such great finesse. Really would be interested in your thoughts.

        Thanks for sharing. Really like it!
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