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Feedback needed on worship devotional

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  • Feedback needed on worship devotional

    Ladies & gentlemen: A few months ago I put together a 15-day devotional for a youth worship band. Recently, two different people from other churches have commented of its usefulness in driving worship bands from 'music' to 'ministry'.
    So, I thought, why not having the real experts (you guys), to take a look, comment, critique and use it if found useful?. So, here it is. If you feel compelled to, please feel free to read it, comment, critique, suggest, copy and use.

    Please be kind as this is still a work in progress: 15 Days of Worship - Draft R1 120816HALF: Link for download: http://tinyurl.com/15daysofworship2*

    *Update: Error from 77 to 66 books in the Bible corrected.

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    I've read the devotional and I really like the attention you gave to the origin of worship. I also liked the information regarding the Levites. It's helpful in that it approached the importance of true worship from a different point of view that will likely help to engage the teenage members of our worship band, as well as the adults. I think you've done a wonderful job with it and I appreciate your willingness to share it with us. Thank you. I pray God's blessing on your endeavors to share this study further.


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      Thank you Jane -for taking time to review it and your kind comments.


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        Hi Luis. I love the fact that you have been led to take your team beyond the mechanical aspects of using creative arts as one of many tools for worship. I also appreciate the first devotion starting with a defense of God's word. That said, I am hoping you could explain your citation of the number of books (77?) in the canon. Are you referring to the Latin Vulgate and books of the Apocrypha?
        "Rock On" (Matt 7:24-25)

        Dave Brown


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          ..and hence the importance of submitting your stuff to external observation. You are absolutely right!!, Sorry for the -merely typographical I can assure you, mistake. It should read 66 and not 77. Correcting immediatly and uploading revised link: http://tinyurl.com/15daysofworship2

          Thanks for catching that one; I would not want to be blame with creating a yet new theological trend and arguably heresy


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            There have been several songs that have received a lot of play on Christian radio the past few years that have had words that are contrary to or very weak on Scripture.This comes about because of several factors.