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Day 1: Week 5 (Prayer, Prayer, Prayer)

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  • Day 1: Week 5 (Prayer, Prayer, Prayer)

    Prayer, Prayer, Prayer

    1) Central Passage(s):
    • 2 Chronicles 20:2-12
    • Matthew 6:33
    • Jeremiah 33:3
    • Matthew 7:7-8
    • John 15:7
    • 1 John 5:14-15
    • James 5:16

    2) My Daily Praise:

    Meditate on the verse (from above) that you selected to memorize. Write a prayer of thanks and praise to God for hearing and answering your prayers.

    3) My Daily Surrender:

    Share a prayer asking God to help you remain faithful in prayer or a prayer of surrender to Him in that area if you're not.
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    Central Passages:
    WOW! I cannot say enough how powerful this day’s segment was. Prayer is always powerful even when we talk ABOUT it. There were a ton of nuggets to take away from this one, and I even posted several of my thoughts as Twitter posts. I earnestly want my prayer life to get tighter with Father God! He has taught me so much already, and I’m hungry for more. His daily bread is more than sufficient for my needs. Thank you, LORD, for another enriching day!

    Daily Praise:
    Lord, I thank you so many times over for being the kind of Father who LOVES giving to his children. I’m beyond amazed you have provided me many things upon request, even when they took years and tears to see them fulfilled. Jer33:3, Mt7:7-8 and John15:7 rang true to me. I had flashbacks of those times I asked, and you answered; I sought; and you gave; I knocked and you opened doors. No amount of thanks can come close to repaying you. All I can give you is my completely devoted worship. No one else deserves it nearly as much as you! I love you, Lord, with all my heart, mind, soul and strength.

    Daily Surrender:
    Lately, I have been committed to prayer. Most of days, I’m praying “without ceasing.” I pray when I first wake up, when I lay down to rest, and all throughout my day (pacing the floor as I go about the daily grind). Honestly, it took me a very tough situation for me to get to this point, and I still struggle many times with my requests of God. I sense a desperation for healing and revival in my area, and I have yet to find someone “hearing from Heaven” the same way. Lord, PLEASE send me people who also have a heart for revival in our area. We need the kind of healing and redemption only you can provide. Holy Spirit, come quickly!
    Melanie Siewert, Christ's Servant
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      Central Passages
      I think, without a doubt, that prayer is the most neglected of the Christian duties. When I was a kid, in the middle of the last century, Prayer Meeting on Wednesday evening was exactly what it was billed to be. Now in most churches, there will be a list of prayer requests, mostly about healing for the elderly, and one generic prayer offered by the leader, followed by a Bible study. And as goes prayer in the church, so goes it in the lives of its members.

      The lesson today mentioned the benefits prayer has for us, beyond seeing our prayers answered. It puts our focus on God, it sensitizes us to God's voice, and it gets results.

      Dwayne recommends that we find a time to get away from everything for at least a few hours; this will be very difficult this near to Christmas; I'm working 6 days a week right now. But I intend to follow that suggestion when I can.

      I really like the quote by Charles Swindoll, "If we refuse to provide pockets of silence in our lives, we will always flounder in the fog, wondering who God is and what He's doing...But if we deliberately fashion protracted periods of silence, we will grow deeper in an increasing awareness of the real presence of God."

      I also likes the quote from E.M.Bounds in the Daily Surrender," Consecration is really the setting apart of one's self to a life of prayer. It means not only to pray, but to pray habitually, and to pray more effectually... Consecration brings answer to prayer... God can afford to commit Himself to those who have fully committed themselves to Him in Prayer."

      My Daily Praise
      I chose 1 John 5:14-15 to memorize.

      God, we often struggle with hte question of whether you still answer prayer, mostly because we see so few of our prayers answered to our satisfaction. But God, I know you have not changed. i know that your Word is still true. So if my heart is where it should be, and if my prayers are genuine and from a pure heart, then I have every confidence that you will answer my prayer according to Your will. Thank you for that assurance, and thank you for those times that I have been witness of, or part of, the answer to prayer.

      My Daily Surrender
      God, I confess that I do not take advantage of the powerful gift of prayer nearly as much as I should, and I'm the one who loses out because of my laxness. If I want to move out of this desert I am in, then I must make prayer a high priority in my life. I surrender my time-wasting habits to you, so that I can have time to carve out some significant times of silence.
      And I repent of my lackadaisical attitude toward prayer. There is no more important virtue for me to develop than a powerful prayer life.


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        Central Passage

        I've never had a scripture jump out at me like Jeremiah 33:3 did. Just the first part of the verse: "Call to me and I will answer you..." It can't be more simplistic and yet it's overwhelming. Call to me, and I will answer you. So much in those few words.

        I appreciate what Dwayne said about four hours of silence, and I will try. It's hard when kids are so little. Being the Mom, I feel I have to be at their every beck and call. Even Tony and I's date nights are less than three hours! But I'll try. Maybe sneak out sometime. Still can't figure out yet how and when...

        I think prayer is the facet of my spiritual life where I'm weakest. For the most part, I do okay, but sometimes in a service or small group I feel my mind wandering when we're praying. Terrible, huh? I really have to focus and just be in His presence. Other times, though, prayer is so powerful as the Holy Spirit moves. These are times when the minutes fly by and I end feeling refreshed. I want to move in this direction!

        Daily Praise

        Lord, I thank you for answering when I call your name. Thank you for revealing your will and your wisdom to us. Help me to call on your name more, help me to ask when I need to. Rebuke me when I'm not focused or giving my all to prayer. Thank you for your unending love and patience.

        Daily Surrender

        Lord, I surrender to you my all. Help me to give everything when praying, help me to give my time and my energy. Please push me when I grow lazy in my prayer life. I ask that you answer when I call. Please give me a heart for you. Help me to remember my neighbors, my family, the Church and the world in prayer. Please put on my heart specific people and situations to pray for.
        All that hath life and breath, praise ye the Lord!
        In His Name,



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          Prayer, Prayer, Prayer

          1. Central Passage
          - Prayer is a vital element to a worship service! This week our church lost a great prayer warrior. Sylvia passed away this week, and she has been in a nursing home for the last 5 years, but still has been one of our church's biggest prayer warriors. She will be missed! We always pray together as a team before each service and at every rehearsal. It really does help to put our focus where it belongs - on God! What I need to improve on is what we learned about last week - listening for and hearing the voice of God, especially during the service. Our service usually flows as planned. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? When am I silent before the Lord? I need more of that carved out in my schedule.

          2. My Daily Praise
          - Lord, show me what pleases You, and then let me ask for those things. Thank you for the gift of prayer and the wonderful promises that we read today about it. Thank You for hearing our prayers, and for answering them. Thank you for the answered prayers received even yesterday and today! You are good!

          3. My Daily Surrender
          - Lord, please help me to make prayer more of a priority. I feel like I'm always talking to You throughout the day, but I know I need to set aside time specifically to listen to You. Keep me pure and clean, and faithful to You. I so desperately need to hear from You. Thank You, Lord.


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            Meditate on the verse (from above) that you selected to memorize. Write a prayer of thanks and praise to God for hearing and answering your prayers.

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