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Favorite Song Combinations?

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  • Favorite Song Combinations?

    I love the shepherding side of music ministry--trying to feel the pulse of my church and find or write songs that they immediately latch onto because those are the words they have already felt inside and they were just waiting for the chance to say them. (diagram THAT sentence--*whew*)

    I also love introducing new songs to the rest of the tunes in our repertoire and watching them mingle--good songs have so much personality! (You know that chorus of that one song that you keep going back to because it "plays so well with others"?)

    It's SO exciting to try new match-ups! Yesterday we paired up "Lead Me to the Cross" by Brooke Fraser and "Revelation Song" by Jennie Riddle--and WOW!

    What are your favorite song combos?

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    We're getting ready to introduce the bridge of "The Stand" by Hillsong United by plugging it into the middle of Chris Tomlin's version of "I Stand Amazed".

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      song combos

      I was actually about to start a thread about the combos of older songs - our congregation loves that - like As the Deer coming out of Better Is One Day - who has any of those to share? Maggie


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        You may want to check out the "Worship Mashups" thread. I have a lot of favorites there, including the much preferred "How He Loves"/"Cry Out to Jesus" combination, and, well, check it out for yourself.

        That said, I did a Christmas song combination taking "O Holy Night" and combining it with "Let Us Adore" (Hillsongs), and then a straight medley using "How Can I Keep From Singing" (Tomlin), "Shout to the North" (Delirious) and back again.

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          yes, that thread was helpful - thanks!


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            Old and New

            Let's see--old songs and new....many times I will end a set with part of a hymn, for instance the traditional "Holy, Holy, Holy" fits very well at the end of "Revelation Song" or even "Majesty (Here I Am)" by Delirious. Also they work nicely for bridges in sets--for instance, I might sing "You Never Let Go" by Matt Redman, then get introspective with a stanza and chorus of "It Is Well With my Soul" then follow that up with a slowed down chorus of "Everlasting God"--that leaves the option of either finishing out contemplatively or having the band kick in and hit "Everlasting God" full throttle--depending on the congregation's response and the vibe that day.


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              Trent - Do your word guys know all of this in advance? Maggie


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                Yes, usually the video tech knows what's coming and it's on the cue sheet. Sometimes I will provide him/her with several options of where we may go spontaneously. Usually hymns are slow enough that one can speak out the lines ahead of time if necessary--but that happens very rarely. My video volunteers are on the ball too--I've been amazed at how fast they can access a song in spontaneous worship. I try to encourage spontanaeity in rehearsal as well--sometimes the set lists change pretty dramatically cause we get to rehearsal and something cool happens on the spot.