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Welcome to The Worship Community Forums (TWC)

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  • Welcome to The Worship Community Forums (TWC)

    Hello Everyone!

    I'd like to welcome you to "The Worship Community" ... also known as "TWC". I'm so glad you stopped by.

    The Founder:

    My name is Fred McKinnon. I'm a worship leader, a concert pianist, and producer. I've been involved in music ministry, concerts, and technology ever since college. I've been very active "online" for several years and own a hosting company and several other e-business sites. Highest Praise Productions, Inc. is our main music/multimedia production and publishing company. Checkout our corporate site or my own personal artist/blog site for more info.

    The Vision:

    I've been a member of various email-based discussion lists for years, all which have been a great blessing and source of information. I have dreamed for several years of an online portal that provides a "one-stop" location to discuss "everything worship" ... issues about corporate worship, music, styles, leadership, and technology ... from traditional worship to modern worship, singers to worship leaders, microphones to sermon podcasts. Throughout the years, I've been blessed to forge relationships with many who are professionals and experienced in various aspects of this and have invited them to join us in our community as Moderators and Contributors.

    My vision is that "TWC" will become the premier place online to discuss these aspects of worship - a fun, friendly, and informative community where you can post a question and expect an informed response quickly.

    The Rules:

    #1: Have fun, and be polite! I realize that everybody has an opinion and sometimes these exchanges can get frustrating or heated. Remember, this community is about Godly relationships and Worship. Speak to one another in love and humility - in honor, preferring others more than yourselves!

    #2: Post an Introduction Message!
    Let us know who you are and where you are from. And if you're an existing member, welcome the newbies!

    #3: Signatures:
    You are welcome to create your own Signature in your profile - but keep it to 4 lines, and keep it pure! Can you link to your website or business? Absolutely ... it's your own personal business card!

    #4: Don't Just Ask ... Answer
    Part of making a good community is having as many people "answering" questions and threads as those who "ask" ... remember, everybody is busy .. and as easy as it is to just "ask" and run ... consider always contributing by offering a response as well.

    #5: Search before you Ask
    Your question may have already been asked and answered - do everybody a favor and use that nifty little "Search" link before starting a new thread!

    #6: Advertising:
    If you have a site or resource, feel free to add it in your Signature. But please don't create or respond to threads for no other reason than advertising your product or services, unless it's something already arranged with the Moderators. We'll have Advertising Rates posted soon. If you've got something to market or advertise that is related to Worship, Technology, etc ... put it in the Classifieds folder.

    #7: Spread the Word!
    That's right ... help our community grow by spreading the word!

    Enjoy and be blessed!
    Fred McKinnon, Founder of TWC
    President, Highest Praise Productions, Inc.
    Fred McKinnon, Pianist/Composer/Worship Leader
    blog: www.fredmckinnon.com

    Please check out my piano/instrumental music at: