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Any Jason Upton Fans?

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  • Any Jason Upton Fans?

    I discovered Jason Upton about six years ago when a college friend thrust one of his albums in my hand after attending an IHOP conference over the christmas holiday. At first I really didn't like Jason's voice at all and the style was pretty different from what I was used to hearing, so I didn't give it much of a try. About a year later I needed some soothing, quiet worship music as a background to my coffee shop quiet times (you don't get much privacy with two roommates) and Jason Upton's music was the perfect fit. After a few listens, I fell in love with his subtle yet powerful ballads and collected more of his songs. I don't hear his name mentioned much in worship circles, however, and I'm wondering if any of you are familiar with him and why you think he isn't as popular as some worship leaders even though he's been leading for years and years.

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    Jason Upton is certainly not your "mainstream" worship artist ... and I don't mean that as a slam, rather, a complement. I love his music, his gift, his edge, and the ministry.

    I'm friends with one of his former bass players, and that's how I got connected. It's powerful music.

    Speaking of IHOP - I'm gonna be there in two weeks!
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      To answer the question, "why isn't he as popular?" After checking out a couple youtube vids, "Burning" and "Freedom", he's not nearly as radio friendly as Tomlin, M.W. Smith, and others. Talent and passion mean little in today's music industry.

      Its all about marketability.
      Popularity = marketability.
      marketability = what the masses will spend money on.
      what the masses will spend money on = sexy + catchy.....even in the christian music industry


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        I also checked out some of his music. Part of it may be that his songs are piano driven rather than guitar driven and that makes his music go in a different direction than most of the worship music and worship teams these days.

        I like his songs but after listening to quite a few I did notice that he tends to write in a certain emotional tone that doesn't vary very much. This can lead to some of his songs sounding somewhat alike. He is very passionate though and I appreciate that.


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          A lot of his songs are truly amazing if you listen to the lyrics. His stuff is, however, not all that approachable from a corporate worship standpoint, which may be part of it. (Although we often use "Freedom" for our encounter weekends.)

          Live, though, Jason takes you to another level. He seems deeply intelligent, committed and passionate about his ministry. He is truly not mainstream as far as his ideals go, yet he has a formal seminary education, so when he argues against mainline theology, he does it in an educated and convincing way. He makes you think about everything he says and sings, that's for certain.


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            I do like him and he has some great congregational songs, We use "Freedom" sometimes- but he doesn't crank out a lot of congregational friendly material- not a bad thing but it's just difficult to get people on board with him