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"Facing the Wall"

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  • "Facing the Wall"

    from Don Potter is another book that gave me a lot of help.
    Especially in understanding some things in prophetic worship.
    But he also cuts a lot of topics and has a lot of examples out of his own life.
    The main topics are:
    1. A short historical overview
    2. Prophets-musicians
    3. Strategical Praise
    4. The sons of Zadok
    5. The musicians and the church
    6. Anointing
    7. Entertainment
    8. Talents to sell
    9. Worship in the life of Jesus
    10. Worship leaders - transparent people
    11. What is a pleasing sacrifice?
    12. To dip the hand into the bowl
    13. The practical side of praise

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    There's an instrumental CD of Don's called "Facing the Wall" as well, isn't there?
    Fred McKinnon, Pianist/Composer/Worship Leader
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      Yes! Have it and love it!


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        I once heard Don Potter speaking on a conference and as much as I remember he also tells this story in this book.

        Before he was a Christian he worked in the entertainment business. He played with many well known artists and musicians. He knew his job.
        When he became a Christian he continued the same in the church. Playing the worship with knowing how to make music...he entertained the people and people liked it.
        Until the day where God spoke to him in the middle of a worship session and told him to stop right now and go home and go into his room and simply play "facing the wall" until he would feel God's presence. And this changed everything in his life. When he started to feel God's presence and God wanted to send him back into church to play there, he didn't want anymore