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Referral Contest - It's On - Win Prizes!

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  • Referral Contest - It's On - Win Prizes!

    Hey Everyone!

    Although this announcement is posted June 2 - I'm excited to announce that the first "The Worship Community" Referral Contest is OFFICIALLY ON!


    The purpose of the Referral Contest is to bring more people to the Community. The bigger the community, more interactive it can be. The more people we have on the forums, the quicker your questions can be answered, the more feedback you can receive, etc.


    What is a contest without prizes? So ... although they may be "modest", this is coming out of my pocket ... so here we go:

    Prizes are based on the number of QUALIFIED REFERRALS. A Qualified Referral is someone who has FIVE ORE MORE posts (5+) by the end of midnight, June 30th, EST. Yes - your introduction post will count .. but simple "thanks" posts won't count. They need to be real posts!

    1st Place: $50 iTunes Gift Certificate
    2nd Place: $30 iTunes Gift Certificate
    3rd Place: $20 iTunes Gift Certificate

    Now that's a LOT of songs or movies on iTunes!


    1. Use your referral link to promote TheWorshipCommunity.Com in emails (no spam, or you will be kicked off the forum!), bulletins, blogs, and word of mouth! Your referral link is a special link that includes your member number (not your userID).

    To get your special referral link, check out the FAQ here (you have to be logged in first!):

    Of course, you can also instruct your friends to simply enter your UserID in the "Referrals" box on the Registration Form.

    2. Create your own ads, or use some of our graphics. Some of our graphics are posted here:

    3. To check your referral progress, view your Profile.


    Well, the rules are pretty simple.
    #1 - No spamming or mass MySpace Commenting. You can manually add a MySpace bulletin or comment to your friends list, but no comment bots or spam, please!

    #2: - No cheating - seriously, no signing up yourself under multiple userID's and making bogus posts. Shame we'd have to say this - but you never know .. and we do track your IP in the forum software!

    #3 - I (twc_admin) can't win the prize, but I still aim to win. My placement won't count in the prizes - so yes, there will be 3 prizes.

    #4 - Yes, Moderators can win! They are Moderators because they are excited about this and have helped get it started.

    #5 - Yes, you can BUY advertising from big christian sites. (but you'll spend more than the $50 first prize, but it would be cool)

    Questions, post'em here.

    Now .. go out there and signup some friends!

    For the Kingdom,
    TheWorshipCommunity Admin
    Fred McKinnon, Pianist/Composer/Worship Leader
    blog: www.fredmckinnon.com

    Please check out my piano/instrumental music at: