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"How Great Is Our God" Tour

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  • "How Great Is Our God" Tour

    This was awesome! Just last month (March 2007) they came to Baton Rouge, Louisiana on this tour, "How Great Is Our God" Tour......Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman, but their GUEST SPEAKER...phenomenal!!! His name is Louie Giglio and his talk changed the way I view God! OUR GOD IS BIG!!! BIGGER than we can fathom! His talk can be purchased at www.268generation.com. You'll go to a website that says "Passion Conferences. Then click "enter." Then, you will find the "How Great Is Our God" DVD by Louie Giglio there. I already let my pastor borrow my copy of the DVD and I JUST got it in 2 days ago!!!) (...And NO..this is NOT a commercial, but rather a sister in Christ trying to lead my brothers and sisters in here to a GREAT evangelistic tool for your loved ones and skeptics of the Christian faith.) This talk is one of THE BEST apologetic talks for the Christian faith. And believe me, I have heard some of the BEST and read some of the BEST. Can you tell I am just a TAD BIT fired up about this? Well, anyway, I just HAD to share this with anyone who might be interested in something worth hearing about GOD and HOW GREAT and AWESOME He REALLY is! WOW! Or..who is praying for a loved one to come to know the God who loves and created them. I could share much more, but I do NOT want to spoil the surprise at the end of his talk. It has MUCH to do about YOU and how fearfully and wonderfully made YOU ARE!!! All I can say is: "Laminin!!!" In Him, Maura

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    I missed them in Jacksonville, and regret it. I'm sure it was awesome - two of the best worship leaders and writers on the planet, IMHO.
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      It was one of the best 'concerts', and by far the best worship event, I have ever participated in/attended. See my "Lessons Learned" thread for more - I told of my experience there.