Featured Song: Praise The Invisible by Daniel Bashta


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The Invisible releases February 6, 2013.

Perhaps best known for penning the modern worship anthem God’s Not Dead (Like A Lion) recorded by David Crowder Band, newsboys and others,Daniel Bashta, a missionary kid who grew up immersed in ministry all around the globe, speaking life and hope into a dark world has been his life-long passion. Educated at the Worship Institute of London and heavily influenced by the ministry of Soul Survivor, Daniel’s path of ministry reads like an intertwining stream. Currently serving as worship pastor at RiverStone Church, just outside of Atlanta, GA, he launched GoMotion (www.gomotionworldwide.com) in 2009, a non-profit ministry that marries music, media and missions for global impact. And in 2013, he will launch The Roar, a missions training school aimed at the “rapid deployment of mission pioneers.”

Daniel Bashta, Photo by Bryan Johnson

With GoMotion, it’s an ever-evolving story,” says Daniel. “We’ve done documentaries, partnered with organizations all over the world, producing new worship, missions agencies… but there’s so much more we hope to do. With The Roar, our greatest accomplishment would be to see the Great Commission become the Great Completion.”

And yet, with all these ministries taking shape, the immortal, invisible God refines the fire inside the man, and from within that fire emerges worship.

Produced by Jonny MacIntosh and J.T. Daly (Paper Route), The Invisible filters the prophetic cry of 2011’s The Sounds of Daniel Bashta through a primal new lens. That impassioned call to wake this generation has been tempered by a season of hope and healing in his family’s life and in his new role: fatherhood.

[The Invisible] is a deep record for me,” Daniel says. “I’ve been moved from this John the Baptist cry, from waking hearts of this generation to an unknown place. When I became a dad, God poured out this brand new anointing over my life, gave me this father’s heart, and for me that’s massive, epic…. The church needs more fathers, more pastors… There’s so much hurt happening all around us and not enough nurturing fathers among us to reach out.”

With each new song that emerged, he says, “I was completely wrecked with this idea that it’s not enough to wake dead people up. We’re here to help steer their lives, to show them the real Jesus, to represent the journey we’re all on. Our personal worship should come out of that.”

More information about Daniel Bashta and his story can be found at DanielBashta.com. Photos by Bryan Johnson.