Featured Song: More Than Conquerors by Mia Koehne & Tree Hill Collective


Lone Tree

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Tree Hill Collective, the worship project started by Mark Snyder and Jeff McCullough in 2012, enters an exciting new chapter in ministry with its forthcoming full-length CD release, Shelter In the Wind, featuring Phoenix based artist Mia Koehne. This album combines some familiar standards such as Blessed Be Your Name with some brand new tracks written in the biblically-rich Tree Hill Collective style featured on its earlier EP release.

“Shelter was born  from the seed of Tree Hill Collective’s 2012 radio single I Choose To Praise You,” says executive producer and songwriter Mark Snyder. “After I watched Mia debut this song at a Phillips, Craig, and Dean concert here in Phoenix last August, the vision for the project became clear. Mia needed some great songs, and Tree Hill Collective needed a voice to showcase them and, so, it just kind of made sense.” Since that time, Mia has adopted several Tree Hill Collective songs for her for her concert ministry. The new project features four well known worship standards and six Tree Hill Collective original songs, and one redone hymn crafted to bring the church into a closer relationship with its Lord and Savior.

The featured song, More Than Conquerors, was crafted directly from the text of Romans 8:28-39, is an anthem of praise that directly declares our position in Christ.

Long before the dawn of time, You orderd all our ways – Every one you called You knew

The ultimate destination of the Christian is to exist as an empowered child of God, victorious over sin, through the power of the one who saved us at greatest cost.  The music, melody, and lyrics of this song will draw congregations into its victorious, yet humble declaration

We’re made clean by the Blood’s redemption, who can bring a charge against us, we are more than conquerors

The Shelter In The Wind project takes the listener on a special journey, beginning with our trials and God’s promise of comfort in Blessed Be Your Name and I Choose to Praise You, and ending up in the presence of our heavenly father with O Lord You’re Beautiful. In between, we are introduced to new songs drawn from biblical passages in Isaiah, Romans, 1st Peter and Revelation, including the title track, a beautiful piano-driven ballad with a haunting melody that Mia delivers to perfection. Throughout, Mia leads us in a journey closer into Gods presence, where we feel His comfort, peace, and the strength of His promises.

Shelter In The Wind was produced by Tree Hill’s Jeff McCullough and his team of  instrumentalists and background vocalists, and showcases Jeff’s keyboard and piano talents, as well as the  stellar production values Tree Hill listeners have come to expect. Songwriters for this project  include Matt Redman, Keith Green, Mark Snyder, and Jeff McCullough and, like all Tree Hill productions, the craft of songwriting is a highlight.

Mia has a ministry history stretching back many years, and her story of redemption can be found at her website www.aboutmidnight.com. Look for Mia in an active concert ministry throughout Arizona and further afield in the west, where she regularly opens for many of the Christian artists that visit the sunny Valley area and maintains a growing worship leading ministry at churches and recovery workshops. Shelter In The Wind is Mia’s second studio album, and her first independent release.

The story of Tree Hill Collective is featured at www.treehillcollective.com.  In addition, Mark lends his creative and technical talents to Pastor Holland Davis’ destination site for worship song resources, www.worshipsong.com, where he combines his passion for technological innovation and worship music together to craft new ways to resource churches everywhere.