Featured Song: Glorious by Trent Smith


Download: Glorious F# Chart | Download: Glorious (Lyrics)

TWC member, Trent Smith, offers up another gem of a worship song in Glorious. We had the chance to incorporate into several of our Sunday Setlists and in several of our different age gatherings (youth, college, and adults) and it is a very engaging song. People of all ages join in quickly.

We love that it is singable and memorable. You’ll find yourself humming or singing the tune all day after listening. Not only that it’s a song that immediately draws our attention away from our circumstances and right to our Redeemer, Jesus.

With lyrics like:

“How high, how wide, how deep the love of Christ Our hope, our strength, our song”


“Glorious, our Redeemer is glorious!
His pow’r restoring us, His Spirit breathing life.
Glorious, our Redeemer is glorious!
Rejoicing over us, His pure and spotless bride.”

…our attention is squarely directed to Christ. And one of the loveliest parts of this song is the tag. Listen to the end to see how Trent works How Marvelous into the instrumental motif of Glorious. It’s glorious!

Below is a lyric video provided by Trent.

View more of Trent’s music on itunes.