Favorite New Songs from 2015?


We’re now a whole month in to 2016, Christmas and New Year’s festivities have settled down, and maybe we can pause for a reflective breath and take a look back at 2015. What were your favorite new songs from 2015? Which ones are you still using in 2016?  TWC contributor Shannon Lewis has compiled a great Spotify playlist of some of the top songs from 2015.

From Shannon:

I can’t tell you how hard this list was to compile. I perused my past “NEXT” posts, worship set-lists, CCLI’s top lists – anything I could find – & have attempted below to craft my “Top” new worship songs of 2015. Did I miss any? Be encouraged to share below!

Here are a couple sneak peek’s from the list:

“Good Good Father”Zealand (Chart available HERE)
(If you’d like to check out the original version by Housefires, you can find it HERE, then my earlier post referencing 10,000 Fathers version) Have you ever loved a song, then heard a new version that made you love it EVEN MORE? The original taps into that simple love for our Heavenly “Daddy”, then 10,000 Fathers‘ arrangement added that cool walk-down, & even more depth & beauty. Then Zealand came along & made the song into the sonic celebration that the lyrics beg to be! It’s this generations’ “How He Loves” – the song will be around for a long time. You’re already leading this regularly, right?

“Seas of Crimson”Bethel (Chart available HERE)
Co-written with Daniel Bashta (“Like a Lion/God is not Dead“), & released by Daniel in ’15, Brian Johnson’s arrangement here with the Bethel team really sets the mood for this modern-rock hymn.


See the rest of the list over at SaintLewisMusic.com (Shannon’s website) and be sure to FOLLOW this awesome playlist on Spotify!