“Even Unto Death” by Audrey Assad – Video and Song Story


Watch this lyric video for “Even Unto Death”, a new song by Audrey Assad. The song itself, along with the video, is beautifully done, and the story behind the song is also very inspiring. Audrey wrote this song after hearing about twenty-one Egyptian Christian martyrs who were killed on a Mediterranean beach back in 2015. She writes on her blog,

The captives prayed, their lips moving silently, their eyes closed or raised to the heavens. What were they whispering, in those last, fast-fading moments of their lives? Were they afraid? What did they say to the God who is beside, before, and behind them? The soldiers stood stock still in the wind, knives at the ready…
But by some small miracle I did not despair. I only thought “What would I pray, if it were me kneeling on that beach?”

What would you pray in that situation? Her answer to that question became the lyrics to this song. After watching the video, click here to read the full song story.