Custom Chord Charts in PlanningCenterOnline


Custom Chord Charts in PlanningCenterOnline from Fred McKinnon on Vimeo.

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Description: Using PlanningCenterOnline.Com, Fred McKinnon (Founder of TheWorshipCommunity.Com and blogging at FredMcKinnon.Com) shows how to make extensive use of the “Create Chord Chart” feature of PlanningCenter. Ideas on spacing chords for rhythm and using HTML tags to add band, vocal, and arrangement notes.

This tutorial will enhance your chord charts, arrangements, and cut down on rehearsal time.

March 1, 2013 UPDATE: Planning Center saw this post on twitter and graciously let us know they have a built-in supported method of building these band, vocal, arrangement cues in the newer versions of the chord chart generator. Thanks guys!

  • SECTION HEADING – Type section headings, like CHORUS 1, or INSTRUMENTAL in all caps.
  • [ Chord ] – Chords in square brackets are Chord Pro and will be transposed and be placed on the line above the corresponding lyrics. Anything in square brackets will only appear in Chord Chart PDFs. If it is on the same line as a SECTION HEADING, it will not be shifted to the line above.
  • If you want dashes removed for Projector slides, make sure there is a space around the dashes. “Glo — ria” in lyrics will become “Gloria” on slides, but “Glo—ria” will stay “Glo—ria”.
  • { note } – Text in single curly braces is a note that will show in Chords Chart PDFs and Lyric PDFs. Unlike square brackets, it will not be shifted up a line.
  • {{ note }} – Text in double curly braces is a note that wil only show in Chord Chart PDFs and will be removed from Lyric PDFs and Projector slides
  • :: – Double colons start a new line for Projector slides. The double colon symbol will not show up in any PDFs or slides. If your chord chart line is long and you want split it into 2 lines just for Projector slides, add a double colon :: where you want the line break to go.
  • PAGE_BREAK – starts a new page
  • COLUMN_BREAK – starts a new column
  • KEY CHANGE ENDING KEY – Start using sharps or flats based on the Ending Key instead of the Starting Key. If you song key is D-Eb, it will use sharps by default, since D is a sharp key. When you change to Eb and want to start using flats instead, type KEY CHANGE ENDING KEY.
  • <b>Bolded Text</b> – Text placed between <b> and </b> will be bolded for Lyric & Chord PDFs (not in Projector)
  • <i>Italicized Text</i> – Text placed between <i> and </i> will be italicized for Lyric & Chord PDFs (not in Projector)