Community News: Worship on the Voice, Free Albums, Nashville Number System, YouTube Publishing Payouts + more


It’s been such a newsworthy week for the Worship world that we compiled a few of the highlights for you below:

Worship broke out on this week’s aired episode of The Voice, during Christian Cuevas’s performance. Check out the video below:


kcjulieclarkTWC contributor & friend, KC Clark & his wife, Julie, are giving away their latest release, which we reviewed HERE. It’s a fantastic collection of music, & a worthwhile listen!



screen-shot-2016-12-10-at-5-16-12-pmEver wondered about the “numbers system”? Our friends over at 10,000 Fathers Worship School posted this incredibly helpful blog explaining it in detail.



Songwriters & publishers take note: among other sources, Music Business Worldwide magazine has reported that YouTube has agreed to a multimillion dollar unclaimed royalties deal with publishers.


Lastly, our friends at Ascension Worship show us how to use the “Null Points” of a microphone to get a cleaner signal & avoid feedback. Be sure to subscribe to their channel for future helpful tech pointers & new worship music!