Audition For Change: A Free Ebook From Chris Vacher




Chris Vacher who blogs at is offering a great, free resource! This ebook is full of insight for the worship leader looking to implement and/or improve their audition process.

From the intro:

“One of the beautiful, difficult realities of having a leadership role is evaluation. We are asked to evaluate new ideas alongside existing realities. Leaders are constantly evaluating where things are and where things could be. Leaders are asked to evaluate people, events and systems at every stage along the way.

When it comes to a leadership role in worship ministry, evaluation can take on some added complexity. We are sometimes asked to evaluate someone based on their ability, their talent and what they have to offer our church. While this seems like an easy task in principle it won’t take you long to figure out that all kinds of circumstances can contribute to the complexity of evaluation.

Auditions are one of the ways worship leaders are asked to evaluate. We are evaluating the ability and compatibility of someone who has a desire to lead our church in worship.”

Join Chris in this free Ebook as he shares thoughts about the HOW and the WHY of auditions for worship and ministry teams.

No lists to join or email forms to sign…just a great free resource!