An open letter to young worship leaders and musicians


Want to know how to really lead the folks at your church in worship? I mean real, life-changing worship?

It’s not about how great you can sing.

It’s not about being an amazing guitar player.

It’s not about great stage presence.

This week the amazing people of my church have been some of the finest worship leaders I’ve ever seen…although we didn’t sing much.

The flow for our worship wasn’t listed on PCO.

We didn’t have a sound check, rehearsal, or set the stage lights and refill the haze machine.

Nope. This week has been different. This week has been better.

Champion Forest Baptist Church has led our city in worship by ripping out sheetrock, vacuuming out water, hugging strangers, crying with each other, taking time off work and away from their families to serve those in need, loving on people who lost everything they owned. Sweating together. Laughing together.

This worship leading is not something they could have learned in school or seminary. This worship leading is not something that will spotlight their skill or talent.

This, worship leader friends, is what it looks like to be a real worship leader. It took me a long time to learn this.

This is what we do. This is who we are called to be.

You are chosen, loved, and equipped. Lead well.
Brent Andrew Dyer is the Worship Pastor at Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston, TX, a professional photographer, & a regular contributor to Worship Leader Magazine, among others.