Album Review: Eternity Invades (Vicky Beeching)


ALBUM REVIEW:  Eternity Invades (Vicky Beeching)
By Guest Contributor, Gary Durbin

On a previous Music Monday post, I said that Eternity Invades is probably the album I most eagerly await this year. Now, after listening to it, I can say that my anticipation was well warranted.

For me, I truly feel that Vicky took a big step in the right direction with this latest release. Her songwriting is on another level from her previous releases. I also really love the production and musicality much better.

The thing I like most, though, is the obvious heart for the local church and corporate worship that comes out of the songs. All of the tunes are accessible and can be implemented into corporate worship. The songs are singable, which sadly is not a common thing to find in “worship” music lately.

The standout, of course, is “Glory to God Forever” (hear sample in iTunes).  I must confess that I wasn’t totally wild about the intro. It sounded a little too choral, but after the song kicks in, I really enjoyed Vicky’s version of the song, which will also be a great version for women worship leaders.

The song that really knocked me on my feet was “Deliverer”. I cannot wait to teach this song to our church. A wonderful, fresh approach as a scripture song.
My other favorites were “Blessing and Honor”, “Inhabit the Praise”, and “Listening”. But truly, I really enjoyed every track, and that is definitely a rare characteristic for any album.

Having met Vicky, I get the feeling that she’s a humble “rock star”. I love it when extremely gifted people don’t take themselves too seriously, and I get that vibe from Vicky.

I highly recommend this album, especially if you are into worship music. This is not just another CCM album…this is good stuff. Great job, Vicky!

“Eternity Invades” launches TODAY, April 6.  Get it on iTunes.