Aaron Keyes Interview part 1: “Not Guilty Anymore”


In preparation for the international re-release of Aaron Keyes‘ last CD, NOT GUILTY ANYMORE, Kingsway Records had contacted TWC to request an interview. Knowing that I’d occasionally led worship at Aaron’s church in his absence, Fred McKinnon – founder of TWC – suggested that I take this on.  Well, as it just so happened, this Aaron came into town to lead worship for SuperWow over on Jekyll Island, which is practically next door to me, so I snagged the opportunity, and what an interview it was!  I got so much great content that I’m splitting it into multiple videos to release over the next few weeks.

Part 1 covers Aaron’s faith-story so far, his encounter with God’s grace, and the story behind his song, “Not Guilty Anymore”.

Aaron Keyes Interview part 1 from Shannon Lewis on Vimeo.