A Great book! A Movable Feast: Worship For The Other Six Days


A Movable Feast: Worship For The Other Six Daysis a WONDERFUL resource that will challenge and expand your views of worship. TWC member Terry Timm is the author.

From Amazon.com: This book will help people experience a more vibrant worship life by inviting them to follow Jesus, the one who offered his life back to God for the life of the world. Readers will discover that true worship extends beyond the walls of the church, is integrated with our daily activities, and is deeply connected to the redemptive purposes of God in the world today.

Our thoughts:

Terry Timm does a great job of sharing encouragement to empower the people of God to move beyond a consumer approach to worship, and the stories and insight in this book are a practical guide for anyone who desires to carry “worship” beyond just a spiritual high point found only in weekend church services.

Beginning with some very faith-building personal stories and interactions from Terry that help us to see God’s presence and activity in the everyday, ordinary events of life. As I read through these stories, I felt like I was standing next to Terry experiencing these events first hand. God wants us to encounter worship in a much more personal and consistent manner than just a singalong on Sunday mornings.

One of my favorite stories in this early chapter is his recollection of the sights and sounds of the city of Toronto. He and his wife EXPERIENCED the stage version of The Lion King. From the book:

“I recall sitting in the theater, anticipating my first experience of the musical version. The house lights dimmed, and the opening “Circle of Life” scene began with a joyous procession of gifted actors and actresses portraying the animals of the Serengeti, each festooned with amazing colors, fabrics, and textures. As the animal kingdom entered the theater, slowly moving through the aisles and ultimately converging onto the stage in a finely choreographed dance, my eyes were opened. I felt the rhythm and heard the harmonies, and I saw in a fresh way just how good and creative God actually is. And if the wild beasts can lift up their voices in such soulful fashion, who am I to withhold my song and dance from my Creator?”

From walking through rubble in Uganda to the roar of an arena filled with thousands of fans to see mega-rock band U2, Terry paints some wonderful pictures, with only a few, but very descriptive words to convey his experiences and what God uses to speak to him.

A Movable Feast

I love how Terry introduces the concept of two calendars. We typically live our lives based on the most familiar of these two: the Gregorian Calendar. But one that we have lost touch with over the centuries, is the liturgical calendar (the “church” calendar). Terry gives a very helpful explanation of what this liturgical calendar means for Believers.

We all love to feast! Think of the spread at thanksgiving! Defining the difference between a fixed feast and a movable feast, we then are given a beautiful picture of God existing in a divine dance, a triune nature within himself. God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are eternally “dancing” and “feasting” and inviting us into this feast! The feast itself never stops! It’s like the Trinity have always been, and will always be, celebrating in relationship, and WE are invited to join in!

Throughout the book, Terry paints a wonderful picture of this divine dance and how we can practically join in. He discusses what “worship” is through a well-researched and highly quotable chapter titled “What Is Worship?” One of my favorites is:

“One magnificent dynamic of this understanding of worship as movement is that when we respond in appropriate ways to the revelation of God (by opening our lives through humility, confession, or gratitude), God is inclined to reveal even more of himself to us. God begins to reveal different areas of our life that we have held back. As we learn more about God’s nature, and character, God invites us to bring more of our life into the divine light. As we grow and mature in our relationship with God, a flow and movement of worship begins to emerge—the dance of bringing all that I know of myself before all that I know of God.”

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Another favorite part of this book for me is when Terry uses The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis to talk about Worship and Mission. As Lewis is one of my favorite authors, this part really lit up for me!

“Worship that draws us into the heart of God is not for the timid or faint of heart. It is dangerous and risky and will move us out of our comfort zones and take us to places we have never imagined.”

Taking It Outside

Speaking about worship as work, worship and justice and worship in a fractured, broken world, Terry takes us through some very practical encouragement in living a lifestyle of worship. With the reality of our dark and lost world swirling around us, the idea of taking worship with us as a light in darkness is a counter to us escaping on the weekend to a spiritual harbor. Not that our worship gatherings aren’t safe and encouraging, but that living a lifestyle of worship is about carrying our spiritual gifts and healing into the brokenness, so that we have an opportunity to truly be the hands and feet of Jesus. I was very stirred by these sections.

What I really love about this book, is that Terry combines very personal recollections and stories with very challenging and inspiring that provoke my heart and mind to contemplate not only joining in that “divine dance” personally, but collectively. Worship is a beautiful connection to the divine, but it’s also an avenue to touch the reality that surrounds us. Worship is now and worship is then. It’s something we look forward to, but also engage in now.

One of the best parts about this book is that there is a very practical, hands-on study guide included at the end of the book. Also, an everyday ordinary liturgy is included to help the reader take worship beyond the walls of the sanctuary and into the world.

We highly recommend this book. For young worship leaders, for old worship leaders, and for everyone in between. We recommend it for worship team members and pastors. We recommend it for all worshipers.

Get it. Read it. Share it.

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