A Christmas Gift Guide for the Worship Pastor


Some people are simply harder to buy for than others. As a Creative & a Worship Leader I will admit that I’m one of those people. Folks like myself love gifts that help us more effectively be who we are. I’ve compiled a collection of unique, fun, & helpful “dream gifts” for the worship leader from a wide variety of price points. If someone you love serves a local church with his or her musical gifts, this list if for you.

SNARK TUNER:I have owned many tuners but none have been as easy to use or as accurate as my Snark. Sure, they’re notoriously fragile, but at this price you can just pick up another if/when you break one! Strongly encouraged particularly for guitarists, but the Snark works great on most any instrument but piano.



D.R. SUNBEAM STRINGS: Particularly for the person who leads from the acoustic guit812j1ghhxl-_ac_ul115_ar. I have literally tried every make & brand of guitar string, from the old standbys to the high-end specialty strings, & D.R. SUNBEAMs are the ones I return to again & again. They’re strong (I’m a string-breaker, & these ones are the strongest), & they remain brilliant 3x longer than any other I’ve found.

“SOUND CHECK” (book) by Kurtis ParksKurtis, Worship Director at National Community Church in Washington, DC, just released SOUND CHECK in September, & it’s probably my worship book released in ’16. A simple to read study written to help Worship Leaders/Pastors be as effective off-stage as on, focusing on the behind the scenes matters of the heart. From Black Friday through Cyber-Monday SOUND CHECK is Buy-One-Get-One-Free – simply email Kurtis with “BFDeal” to: booking@kurtisparks.com


screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-4-34-19-pmGREENROOM / BUS CALL VOICE TEA
: Created by renowned vocal coach Diane Sheets for her Grammy, Billboard, & Dove Award winning clients, Voice Tea are a line of delicious voice-care teas. GREENROOM is made-up of a flavorful blend of Green Rooibos, 
dehydrated lemon, & ginger root, many current radio artists swear by it, & I’ve been using it all year. BUS CALL is for that “cool down” period, & is loaded with red rooibos, chamomile, whole dehydrated lemons & a touch of mint. Using the code VOICETEA at check out gets your 15% off from Black Friday through Cyber-Monday on 2 or more Voice Tea products, so grab a perfect stocking stuffer for the vocalist you love!


Throat-Saver-SprayTHROAT SAVER, SINUS CLEAR OUT, & VOCAL RESCUE: I was turned on to these vocal health products by another excellent vocal coach, my friend Sheri Gould, & now as a regular user, I wholeheartedly endorse them. Particularly the Throat Saver & Sinus Clear Out work absolute miracles for me.  I am a regular repeat customer. Highly recommended! 



: With the TheWorshipCommunity.com having just been awarded Worship Leader magazine’s “Editors Choice” award for the 5th year in a row, we can’t help but laud their hard work as the gold-standard for Worship Leaders everywhere. A subscription not only provides helpful articles & reviews, but their Song Discovery service is a great way to discover new corporate worship songs!

LOOPTIMUS: The Christmas gifts of all Christmas gifts. Perfect as a gift from the church or from a loved one, Looptimus is THE “pedal-board” for midi-users. An ever-flexable, & elegant piece of gear, Looptimus makes it easy to control multiple software items on your laptop, iPad, or even iPhone with the simple tap of a footswitch, so you aren’t distracted from your guitar or piano playing. It may not be “cheap” by some standards, but it’s well worth it – a “dream gift” for most.


Last but not least, TWC friends CoreSound are running a fantastic 25% Off Black Friday sale with the special code “BLACKFRIDAY“. Making available some of the best ambient pads on the market, CoreSound’s pads are my favorites.

That’s my list! Did I miss anything? Mention it in the comments below!


Shannon Lewis is “The Worship Community Guy“. Passionate about helping others respond to God, & training people who are passionate about the same, Shannon also blogs at SaintLewisMusic, where you can grab his free eBook, UNSEASONED: How to see Godly Growth in an Inexperienced Worship Team.