9 Ways Worship Leaders Can Show the Pastor Appreciation


Re-posted with permission from IAmAnOffering.com (the worship resource site of Ryan Egan)

With October being Pastor Appreciation Month I wanted to share what I think are nine great ideas that worship leaders and music ministers could use to show appreciation for their pastor(s):

1. Take an interest in theology. Your pastor would love it if you added depth of thought to your depth of musical skill.
2. Write a song specifically for your local congregation. Ask him what the church is needing to express through music right now. The pastor loves the church and would love this way for the church to unite the music and emotion.
3. If he has kids offer to give them a month (or a year, or five years, or a lifetime, even!) of free music lessons.
4. Ask for counsel and receive it with grace. Ask specifically for objective counsel on how you lead worship or music every Sunday morning.
5. Let him use the song you “just plain don’t like” :-)
6. If you co-plan your services, offer to plan an entire series of services on your own and follow through
7. Arrange for someone to lead the service, give the message, and do everything the pastor normally does so he can worship with his family for one service without having to be on vacation to do it
8. Tell him what he’s taught you about worship
9. Pray. Pray. Pray.

10. What would you add to this list? Pastors? Worship leaders? Music Ministers?