7 Areas For Growth In Your Worship Ministry

Republished with permission from Rob Rash. Originally published at RobRash.us.

Rob Rash shares some great areas for growth to take a look at as we move into the next year. As you read through this list, take a few moments to assess where you are! And as always, feel free to share your experiences, ideas, thoughts, insights, etc. in the comments below!

1) Leadership – As a leader, we must be constantly evaluating, adapting, and growing in our leadership abilities and skills. You can never gain enough experience or knowledge so make this a priority. Read books on leadership, follow blogs and folks on twitter, and surround yourself with great leaders.

2) Creatively – Maybe last year was the best year you have had creatively… this year should be better. What areas in your ministry can you get more creative with? Musically, thematically, and dramatically you have room for growth. Find ways to tap into your creative abilities and create something amazing.

3) Musically (Individually) – As a musician, how can you grow in your craft? Can you spend more time every day or once a week practicing and working at developing your skill. Vocally and musically you can get better, don’t settle with where you’re at right now. I found this post by Jonathan Malm very timely.

4) Musically (Your Band) – As thankful and appreciative as we are for our volunteer bands, we must push them to grow in their abilities as well. Can you set goals for each specific band member? Have you set up realistic goals and evaluations for each band member? Challenge your team to get better and resource them like crazy.

5) Communication – You can have the best ideas, song structure, and and vision for your team/ministry, but if you can’t communicate that clearly to your people then it will only remain a great idea. Communicate clearly and often through as many avenues as possible. Email, Facebook, Twitter, and team meetings are great ways to share your goals. This should be a top priority.

6) Production – How is your production team doing? They are often the most overlooked team in the church. They often go without much praise or training. Can you bring in a sound engineer or set up a training night?

7) Team Development – Without your team where would you be? How can you build into their lives relationally and spiritually? What are you doing to create and foster strong, quality relationships within your team? How are you going to bring your team from point A to point B? These are tough questions to ask but immensely valid.

Obviously, there are a thousand directions you can take these but it’s important to focus on a few specific areas. There is always room for growth and when it comes to stewarding the kingdom of God, we cannot go to sleep on our responsibilities as leaders.

So what’s the biggest area of growth you will be working on?