20 Ways To Create a Passionate Culture In Your Worship Team


Posted with permission from DavidSantistevan.com. Part of a great series titled: Tips for Taking Your Worship Team To The Next Level.

Originally Titled 20 Ways To Increase Your Team’s Desperation for God

Can you envision it? A worship team fully engaged in the vision. Musicians who not only play good music but worship with intensity. A worship team that is desperate to meet with God. A worship team in love with Jesus.

Doesn’t that sound great? Sadly, many worship teams simply fade into routine boredom. There’s no magic formula to increasing passion on your team, but there are things you can do to help create the culture you want to see.

  • Be what you want to see in your team.
  • Speak your vision. All the time.
  • Quote Scripture like it’s your breath.
  • Recruit musicians who have a deep passion for Christ and the church.
  • Give your team members individual, specific responsibility.
  • Spend time with Jesus together. Just worship.
  • Speak about what God is doing.
  • Worship spontaneously.
  • Share stories of how your team is making a difference.
  • Ask your team’s input.
  • Teach your team how to press deeper into worship.
  • Pray together for the Holy Spirit to move.
  • Have your senior pastor speak vision to the team.
  • View your team as your community. And live like it is.
  • Communicate consistently.
  • Provide feedback and follow up.
  • Do something difficult together (raise money, go on a missions trip, bless a smaller church).
  • Revisit your vision weekly or daily or every minute. Go do that right now.
  • Encourage your team to engage by speaking up. Don’t just talk at them.
  • Talk about the meanings of the songs you sing more than just how cool it’s arranged.

QUESTION: What are some other ways of creating a passionate culture (of desperation for God)? How have you led others in those efforts?