Worship…..the Fuel for Ministry?


“May your ways be known throughout the earth, your saving power among people everywhere.” (Psalm 67:2)

As we worship God, this time spent with Him should “send us”. Any encounter with God in worship should compel us to go forth and live out the reality of that encounter to the world around us, declaring it with our lives. That encounter might be lived out in forgiveness, in encouragement, in obediently sharing Christ with a co-worker, or in saying “yes” to a dream God has for us.

As worship pastors and leaders, we know the glorious truth that worship draws us closer to God so that we can know Him more intimately and understand His heart. As we draw near to God in worship, in prayer and in stillness, we will then be directed by Him. And something elemental will shift inside our hearts. Worship changes our hearts and tenderizes us to the very heart and longings of God. What matters to God will begin to matter to us. And at this point we are in a very good position to minister out of this overflow of being with Christ.

Is God our comforter in times of trouble? We will be able to bring comfort to those in need of it. Is God our peace? We will long to be peacemakers. Has God met us in our desperate need? Has He provided for us? We will begin to care for those in need. Is God holy? We too will live holy lives, giving a right accounting of who God is. Has God loved us? We will begin to more truly love others.

As we draw close to God in worship and private devotion there are some fundamental “shifts” in our heart that must take place. Lately these questions have been reverberating in my heart as I worship God.

Do I love what God loves? Do I hate what God hates? Is my heart broken for what breaks the heart of God? Do I rejoice over the things that bring Him joy? Do I care that people around me are lost without Christ? Am I concerned that my own brothers and sisters in Christ are starving to death, imprisoned and oppressed in many areas of the world? Are my priorities lining up with His purposes?

How does my worship (declaring the truth of who God is) compel me to live that truth out to the world around me? Am I content to simply “enjoy” worship and never help my world experience the reality of God’s love?

It is important that we act on what we say in worship. But it would be nothing more than activism if we took this action without prayerfully sitting in God’s presence first. First we must be with God, then we can know His heart, hear His calling and promptings and do the work He is sending us to do. Just as His holiness will draw us to repentance, so will his love and mercy disturb us to action.

So take a few moments this day to simply be with your Savior, to sit at His feet and to enjoy His company. Journal what He is saying to you. Thank Him for His love. Spend time worshiping Him alone. Now you are in a good place to pray:

“God, allow me to live out the beauty of being with you to the world around me. Give me a heart of compassion for the world around me that so desperately needs to experience your love. Take off my blinders and help me to simply care enough to do something about it. Wake up my heart so that I can see where you are working in the world around me! Here I am Lord, send me.”