Worship Leading Remedies for the After Christmas Hangover



Gary Durbin, the worship arts director at Orchard Church in Denver, Colorado, blogs at garydurbinblog.com shares with us some great tips for moving into the new year after Christmas.


Christmas can definitely be “the most wonderful time of the year.”

It’s the time of year that we can really focus on and celebrate the birth of our Savior.

There’s also the family time, lit up neighborhoods, presents, carols, parties, chocolate covered pretzels and one of my favorites…EGG NOG.

Just like a little too much egg nog can bring some early morning side effects, Christmas can also bring quite the hangover for our churches.

It’s almost like we’re tempted to quit celebrating Jesus once we get past the birth part, but as we all know, there’s a lot more to the story. It’s the greatest story ever and we need to remember that it continues with us! That’s amazing and humbling.

If someone has the Christmas hangover, you’ll see it. It’s kind of like the zombie virus. Everyone’s walking in, but they may or may not be aware of your presence, or God’s presence, for that matter. You’ll be singing “Shout for Joy!” and you might get more of a “Moan for Lunch.”

As a worship leader, I have felt the effects of the Christmas hangover. This is the time that church leaders and worship leaders need to rise up and help people refocus on worshiping God for the next 12 months. By the way…this is an amazing privilege and responsibility.

So to help, here’s some worship leading remedies for those in your church that are coming in with the dreaded Christmas hangover:

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