Worship Leaders: What Does Your Week Look Like? Challenge


Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 3.06.55 PMSeveral weeks ago I was challenged in my discipleship group (huddle) to make a log of every hour of every day for a week. I must say that I wasn’t super eager to dive into this challenge because of what I might uncover about my bad habits and lack of discipline. On the other hand, I was actually kind of excited as I logged my first hour after waking up that first day, because I felt an unfamiliar sense of intentionality begin to blossom in my heart and mind.

Weird? I don’t know.

Anyways, after a week of logging every little thing – every hour spent with my family, every hour spent in “quiet time,” every hour of work for The Worship Community, every hour of work for the church, every hour of work at the CrossFit gym I coach at, every meal, every nap, every movie, every shower, every little thing – I noticed a shift in my rhythm.

Ultimately, I made a subtle move towards being intentional about my day after the very first hour logged. It probably would have been eye opening had I been secretly recorded! But since I was the one in control, I was able to think ahead and make strategic plans to be more productive AND to rest more intentionally throughout the day.

I used a google spreadsheet and color coded the hour blocks best I could based on a few broad categories. That way I could kind of look back and see what I was doing and if it really was setting me up for a daily/weekly rhythm for abiding in Jesus and also producing fruit for the Kingdom.

Basically, I share this as a testimony to the power of logging and tracking your progress. After a week, I was so energized by the possibilities! Yes, I still had opportunity to  Yes, I still napped. Yes, I still played video games. But I chose my time wisely so that I could ALSO be more present with my family and with my Lord. I spent QUALITY time in the Word and just resting in the listening of the reading of Scripture (audio feature on YouVersion!).

Two weeks later I’m feeling very encouraged. Very motivated and very committed to living a more rhythmic life. I don’t have to loge every hour this week, but I like the idea of coming back to this challenge once a quarter to help me stay the course.

Some folks will have to-do lists daily and this works for setting tasks and getting them done. This challenge was more about logging and tracking EVERY ACTIVITY, not just jobs done.

What do you think? Is this a challenge you’d be willing to take up? Not only do we want to increase our fruitfulness for God in productivity, but we also want to be able to abide in God’s rest appropriately as well.

This really helped me a pretty “churchy” guy see areas that I needed to be more intentional about? Are you willing to take on this challenge to see if you can improve your rhythms? Please comment, tweet, respond on Facebook, if you want to take up this challenge!

You don’t have to share the actual log with the community, as this is ultimately between you and God!