What Exactly Is A Culture of Worship?


There’s a great discussion going on over at FredMcKinnon.com about the phrase “culture of worship.” We hear and maybe even use this phrase a lot when talking about our “job descriptions” as Worship Leaders.

What does it mean? How doe we achieve it? Is it even the right question to ask? Here’s Fred’s post:

One of the primary responsibilities in my job description as the Worship Director at SSCC is this:

“to create a culture of worship”.

I’ve been in this job for 3-1/2 years.  I believe that I’ve witnessed a growth in the overall dynamic of worship in our church.  However, as I joined my Pastor last week to continue discussing this we both realized that we can’t really define what that culture is supposed to look like.

Our initial response would typically want to jump right into the discussion about how “worship” isn’t just the songs we sing, but a way of life.  I agree.

However, for the purpose of this question, I believe it refers to how people are involved in praise and worship at SCCC – in our corporate settings and in our private settings.

So, what is a “culture of worship”, and how do you define it and measure it?

Is it measured by how many people raise their hands on Sunday morning during a song?
Is it measured by how many people are singing?
Is it measured by whether or not people are clapping?

Clearly, I can’t see what God is doing in the hearts of people … at least, not always …

I’d like to sit on this one for a day or so … and I’d like to ask EVERYONE to leave their comments.  I’d love for you to “Tweet” or “ReTweet” this entry.

You are invited to the discussion.  Go for it.

We’ll be closing comments here on TWC and inviting you to visit Fred’s blog to join the discussion so that we can keep the discussion contained in one place! Click on over!


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