Wallflower Jesus?


My pastor recently preached from the Gospel text of Jesus turning water into wine at thewedding in Cana in Galilee (I encourage you to read it again from John 2). He spoke about Jewish weddings and how they are often loud and raucous affairs. I have only been to one, but can attest that it was quite the party. He then led us through an interesting exercise where we imagined Jesus at the wedding.

He then spoke from his own imagination. He had no problem seeing the guests enjoying themselves with the festivities of food, wine, music, and dance. But his picture of Jesus was a bit different. In his mind, Jesus was at the party, but sitting at a table watching the others. Not judging mind you, but not really participating either.

And the question he asked himself is the question he asked us and is the question I’m asking you. Why do we hold Jesus back? This image is not a scriptural picture of Jesus. It is one that religion has taught us. Let it go. Embrace who he is. He’s in the thick of it, dancing, laughing, eating, and drinking the wine.

Let this Jesus love you, accept you, and enjoy you. And, as you lead your worship services, make sure you are presenting Jesus as being full of joy, enjoying His creation, and His people, and not a religious wallflower.