TWC – Staying Connected


Hey Worshipers!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Can you believe it’s December already?

How many of you have heard of “Twitter”?  Twitter is an incredible tool for social networking, communication, and “micro-blogging”.

For those who have discovered Twitter, you can follow TheWorshipCommunity.Com’s actions on Twitter – just follow @theworshipcomm

What gets “tweeted”?  Well, for now I’m manning the @theworshipcomm twitter account (along with my own @fmckinnon personal account) … so I’ll put out some updates and praises.  In addition, every new forum thread and article that hits our “RSS” feed also gets “tweeted”, so it’s a great way to get updates on new action that’s happening here at TWC.

Are you a social-networking/twitter guru?  Though I’m manning the @theworshipcomm account right now, I’d love to see one of our faithful members of TWC step up and become our “@theworshipcomm Twitter Ambassador”.  You’d need to have the availability to be online often, be familiar with Twitter, and manage/add followers and tweets.  If that sounds like desktop fun for you, let us know!

We’ve got lots of new reviews coming up – and forums are still alive and buzzing.  So stay connected, and if you’ve got material you’d like to see published on TWC, contact us!

For the Kingdom,