TWC Member “Saint Lewis” Releases First Single: Your Mighty Hand


We are proud to announce that Shannon Lewis, a TWC member and regular contributor, released the single, Your Mighty Hand, today on iTunes.



Chord Charts:

Your Mighty Hand – Key of B (PDF) | Your Mighty Hand – Key of G capo 4 (PDF)

From Shannon:

Today “Your Mighty Hand” is released on iTunes, a feat we couldn’t have done without the help of many who believe in us, & I have to admit: I’m PROUD of this song. As a piece of art, it is a part of me: my baby, presented before the world… but in this case, that’s not the most important.

This is not just creative self-expression.

It’s not mere entertainment.

Look behind the radio-friendly production & hear the overflow of our hearts: I need God… I need more than simply a far off deity who is powerful enough to spin the world into existence but hardly gives a thought to me now… I need more than a sappy lover who pours out his/her heart in hopes that I’ll respond.

I need God: a big God – King of the Universe – to whom the storms & waves answer with a Word – who not only made it all, but sustains it moment by moment, lest we unravel into nothingness – who not only was active in the beginning, but moment by moment is actively at work in the here and now.  I need God: a loving father – my daddy – who it not only able to work miracles on my behalf, but loves me enough to bother – who reaches out His mighty hand to grab me out of the pit & set me upon a firm foundation, even when the whole world beneath me appears to be crumbling away.  God, I need Your mighty hand to save me – an anchor firm in raging seas… hold me… never let me go.

Given the faith walk that my wife & I are currently on, I need to be regularly remind of “Your Mighty Hands“.

So, here it is: our prayer to a big, strong, good, Daddy… and a song which will – God-willing – serve Christ’s body well in directing their eyes upwards during these troubling (& promising?) times.

Thanks for giving it a listen.  Your prayers for whatever comes next are appreciated.  Thanks for being awesome!

Shannon (& Cyle) Lewis

Please support COMMUNITY music and buy Shannon’s single! And let us know if you use it in your worship settings!

is the Associate Director of Worship & Media at St. Simons Community Church, where he mentors, oversees and helps lead Family and Student worship environments. He is also the content curator and editor here at The Worship Community and at

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