TWC Content Syndicated


Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share some exciting news with you all.  Syndication of our content at TheWorshipCommunity.Com has now started with ChristianPost.Com, one of the largest christian news and information sites with over 1.3 million visitors per month. Visit the new “Entertainment > Worship” section of their site to see our featured articles.  Currently featured is my “Church’s Got Talent” article and Travis Paulding’s “Confessions of a Tech Director”.  We will be submitting content weekly, based on theme, content need, and how popular the article was here on TWC.

But wait … that’s not all!  I’d like to invite you to consider syndicating some of our articles and/or forums on your own blogs.

For those of you who have a WordPress-driven blog, there is a great plugin (it’s installed by default on most account and newer installs) simply called “RSS”.

By using the “RSS” widget in your sidebar you can syndicate snippets of TWC content right on your own blog.  There are two separate RSS feeds you can use, depending on which content you’d like to display.

For those who use FaceBook, did you know you can use the “notes” application to automatically import the most recent “TheWorshipCommunity.Com” content on your profile?  See the “import from blog” settings on FaceBook!

For the articles, published on the homepage and archives at

For new and recently updated forum conversations (threads) use:

Your help in sharing this content and spreading the news is appreciated.  We’d like to know who is promoting TWC – so if you have the RSS feeds displayed on your blog, FaceBook Profile, etc., leave us a comment here and share the link!

For the Kingdom,