Time Management: Hustle Now So You Can Take a Creative Walk Later


Mandy Time Budget

Okay, can I just say that if I hear the word productivity one more time, I will lay on my couch for a week in protest.

Or maybe a day.
Or not at all…

But seriously: I’m tired of that word, as necessary as it is. I’m tired of “productivity” because I don’t want to be the person who’s to-do list runs her life. I don’t. I don’t like the hustle. I don’t like the rush of “how many things can I get done today.” I like to sit and stare out the window and dream up new ideas and plans and projects.

And y’all, I actually do just that. I have large pockets of dreaming and planning and creating. I know what you’re thinking: “how??” Well, it’s not easy…It takes a LOT of time-budgeting and self control.

Time Management

And this is EXACTLY why we need to talk about our relationship with time. Can we explore, for a tiny moment, the possibility of pushing to get things done in order to make time for not-getting-much done? So you can take those daydreaming brainstorming walks that seem to spark your creativity. So you can spend a little more time reading books that fuel you, rather than staring at the screen for another hour cranking things out?

Just as our money can master us, our calendars can master us. And we are commanded to master our money. Likewise, we should work to budget and master our time.

Case in point: I’ve spent a good chunk of the morning working through emails and articles and marketing, and now this post, so I can spend a few hours in my studio painting before the rest of the day hits. I’ve got my little (not overwhelming, very doable) checklist beside me and I’m hammering things out now in order to have a window of unhurried creative time in oh…. as soon as I send this to Russ. :)

You can do this, too. You can work for those pockets of creative play and spiritual rest.

Budgeting Your Time

To find out how to work out your own time-budgeting system, take a look at this quick and informative time style survey, offered by Claire Burge, who is influential in the conversations where creativity meets productivity. Y’all, she is fabulous and understands creative types and has sympathies for our neediness. So I was rather interested to hear what she said about my time style.

Apparently I’m half-perfectionist and half-detail-dodger. No I haven’t wrapped my mind around that, but the descriptions make sense. (If it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck…) And the tips that come from this survey have been VERY helpful in helping me streamline my time-budgeting.

And, I’m telling you, you can to. You can master your time efficiently so you can have more elbow room for the important stuff: The dreams, ideas, plans, new possibilities.

Action Plan

So steal a five minute break to take the survey really quickly, (See? I would’t point you to a big time-suck.) and let us know what your time-style is. We would love to hear about the results, along with any quick little changes you can make to your own time so you can master it!

Because, y’all. We do our best planning when we are not drained and hurried and just trying to knock something off our list. We do our best creative work when we have time to dream.

Master your time-budget so you can afford to give yourself the gift of unhurried time.


Once a full-time worship leader, Mandy Thompson is now a full-time mommy AND full-time artist, who stands alongside her brilliantly handsome preacher husband. And she also gets to bang on the drums at church on a regular basis. Her online home base is mandythompson.com. Get a free mini-book from Mandy that will help you buildĀ a sustainable personal creative pace.