[Video] Tim Hughes Interviews Martin Smith About New Album God’s Great Dance Floor


Martin Smith’s 5-star acclaimed and first full-length solo album that launched to No. 1 on the iTunes Christian &, God’s Great Dance Floor, Step 01, was released April 2013.

“Anybody can get on the dance floor… that’s the great thing about Christianity. It doesn’t matter where you come from, or what you’ve done… everyone is invited to the party. It’s all about grace… My prayer is that God will use this new music to remind people of his grace, to remind them of his heart for the poor and broken and of his Kingdom coming on Earth.” – Martin Smith

Here’s part two of an interview by Tim Hughes, where Martin continues to share about where he’s at musically and what the next steps are for him since “ending” the band Delirious? back in 2009. (Part one here)