There Will Be Blood


A while back, I heard Beautiful the Blood by Fee on the radio.  It’s an awesome song.  At the time, I was heavily involved with the song selection at church, so everything I heard went through my shouldweusethissongatGracePoint filter.

But I never suggested the song to anyone.  I decided it wasn’t “seeker friendly” enough because it talked about weird church stuff – the blood of Christ.

I didn’t think about this again until recently when I read something in Dwayne Moore’s study, Pure Praise.  Dwayne writes:

“While I agree that certain “churchy words” need to be explained or updated, biblical principles and themes – like the washing of our sins in Christ’s blood – cannot be improved upon.  We must keep in mind that Christ’s death on the cross can be offensive; therefore, our songs and lyrics will, at times, also be offensive.  Some songs simply will not be suitable, no matter how hard we try to be sensitive.”

So true…

There’s been a lot of church songs over the centuries that focused on the blood of Christ.

  • “What can wash away my sins?  Nothing but the blood of Jesus!”
  • “There is a fountain filled with blood, drawn from Emanuel’s veins…”
  • “Are you washed… in the blood… in the soul cleansing blood of the lamb?”
  • “Would you be free from the burden of sin? There’s power in the blood, power in the blood.”
  • “Underneath the blood, through the cleansing flood…”

So, it turns out that GracePoint has been missing out on an awesome message about an awesome Savior.

Never knew through these nails would love unfold
And never knew these wounds would heal my soul
I’ve never seen such beauty and sorrow meet
The blood of Jesus was bled for me

And now I sing freedom for all my days
It’s only by the power of the cross I’m raised
The King of Glory rescued me

How beautiful the blood flow
How merciful the love show
The King of glory poured out
Victorious are we now

from Beautiful the Blood by Fee

Ronnie Burgess is a husband, father of two, Christ-follower, musician, wanna-be songwriter, supervisor, and probably a few other things.  He plays acoustic and electric mandolin in Edge of Grace, the worship band at GracePoint Community Church.