The Ways We Express Worship: Surrender (Lifted Hands)



This series explores the different “shades” of praise and worship that we see throughout the Bible. Where in English we might only see the word translated as “praise” – there are several different meanings that can apply.

The Ways We Express Worship: Kneeling | Giving Thanks (Lifted Hands) | Surrender (Lifted Hands)  | Halal (Clamorous Celebration)

Today’s Worship Word is Yadah – pronounced Yaw-daw’ (3034)

This means to show reverence or praise with extended hands. The word pictures associated with the root words for this type of praise is shooting an arrow or throwing a rock. It literally means to extend the hands, or to shoot and arrow.

A word picture that can be associated with this is a small child who wants to be picked up. They extend their hands high above their heads in a sign of surrender and desire to be held.

Psalm 42:5 says, “Why, my soul, are you downcast?  Why so disturbed within me?  Put your hope in God,  for I will yet praise him,  my Savior and my God.”

The “praise” in that scripture is “Yadah” – the author of this Psalm is giving God praise in a time of being “downcast.”

 The Dedication of The Temple in 2 Chronicles 7 uses this expression of praise. When the glory of the Lord falls, the people bow down in worship and “praise the Lord saying, ‘For he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever.'” So they are bowing at the glory of God, but also lifting their hands in reverent worship and surrender.

Another way to visualize this extending or “shooting” your praise upward to God. It’s an outward expression of not holding your praise in – of literally extending it upward to God through lifting your hands.

Do you lift your hands in worship as a sign of giving everything to God because He is worthy of praise? Do you surrender to God? Are you ok with expressing this in an outward manner? How would you teach your congregation about this form of expression?

The Ways We Express Worship: Kneeling | Giving Thanks (Lifted Hands) | Surrender (Lifted Hands)  | Halal (Clamorous Celebration)


Russ Hutto is the Associate Director of Worship & Media at St. Simons Community Church where he mentors, oversees and helps lead Family and Student worship environments. He is also the content curator and editor here at The Worship Community.