The “Professional” Worship Leader


The Professional Worship Leader.

You can design a masterful flow of songs
You can recite Scripture, encourage, and effortlessly transition between songs
You can close your eyes, raise your hands, and demonstrate physical acts of worship …

all the while, your heart is far from God.

You know just where to raise the key …
You know exactly where the people will start standing because of the response to your arrangement …
You can predict precisely how the mood of the room will be …

all the while, your heart is far from God.

You can play in any key
Your vocal range is mammoth
Your repertoire is endless
Your band is flawless

all the while, your heart is far from God.

You have the look
You have the hair
You have the clothes
You can pause for tears
Stand before the crowd with no fear

all the while, your heart is far from God.

It’s become a job. A paycheck.
You are skilled. You can do this in your sleep.
Everyone thinks you are the best worship leader ever …

after all …

You are a “professional.”


Dear Worship Leaders,

Fight the tendency to minister in your own strength and skill. Let your worship be an outflow of your heart.
There are a million things to distract us from truly being in God’s Presence, and sharing that with others.

Honestly, it’s quite easy to become the “professional” worship leader.
Sadly, many folks don’t discern the difference.

When you stand to minister, your conscience will tell you … is this overflow? Or is this a job?


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Fred McKinnon is the Founder and Publisher of TheWorshipCommunity.Com. He’s also the Worship Director for St. Simons Community Church, a husband, father of 4 wonderful kids, an e-biz owner, and a self-professed web2.0 addict, blogging at