The New Sound


There have been many words given over the last 20 years or so about a “New Sound” being released in the earth.

I believe those words are true and I believe that the sounds from heaven are even now filling the earth.

These sounds are heard with more than just the natural ear. These sounds are perceived by the spirit man. The sound of heaven is not a particular musical style, it is the sound inspired by the Holy Spirit and filled with the very Voice of God!

Imagination and creativity is stimulated by hearing these sounds. The sound of humility, power, love, joy and peace is being released today by the purpose of God. Are you listening?

The Shepherd is singing
Do you hear His Voice
The song of the Shepherd
Makes the sheep rejoice

We have wandered in the desert longing for the Living Water
Now the Shepherd sings His song calling us to Him
So we follow along
Singing His song
‘Til the Saviour like a Shepherd sings us home!

Godrest and Godspeed!

David Baroni