The Most Important Instrument For Your Worship Team


Before you build a worship team, before you arrange an old hymn with a new bridge, before you start a vocal ensemble or choir, before you step in front of a mic to lead…

Before you do any of things, you need to learn utilize the most important instrument for your worship team. It’s not a piano or keyboard. It’s not an acoustic guitar or drum set. It’s not even an organ or a tambourine.

The most important instrument you can utilize for your worship team is your heart.

Ephesians 5 encourages the Believer to walk in love, to stay pure, and to walk in the light of Christ. It encourages us to stay away from the ways that the world tries to find pleasure and fulfilment (sexual debauchery and substance abuse).

Instead, we are to “lead” each other in psalms, hymns and spirutal songs. But not just any old songs. Melodies that come from the HEART. We are to sing and make melodies from our heart and our hearts are to be filled with thanksgiving!

The best instrument to use for worship is your heart! The way to make sure that it stays “in tune” is to be thankful and humble, submitting to one another in deference and out of reverence for our Lord, Jesus Christ!