The History of Worship Music (Funny Video)


This funny look back at the history of modern worship music from Seeds Conference 2013 brings back old contemporary worship choruses with a charismatic flair. Including old favorites like Jehovah Jireh, El Shaddai, Lord I Lift Your Name On High, Ancient of Days, I Exalt Thee, Shout to the Lord, and More Love, More Power, and many more.

“I want to take em back to the time we sang these incredible old school songs…”

“I’m afraid if we go there, if we take them there…they won’t want to come back.”

It’s fun to look back at where we’ve come from and reminisce fondly. Some folks might be ruffled by what is really just a fun, look back at where we’ve come from. We encourage you to lighten up and look at this in the same way that you look back and chuckle at your own photographs!

Seriously, though. This was a fun romp back through some of the songs that we all loved and that God used mightily. In fact, we’re inspired to add some of them back into our setlists this week!

  • Nick Alexander

    Disappointed! It started too late. I thought they would start with Ray (“I Am the Resurrection”) Repp and Peter (“They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love”) Scholtes. Also, many of these songs are *still* current for many churches, as they still reside in the CCLI Top 100.

    • Yeah, this is definitely more of a nostalgic look back at maybe the early history of the “charismatic” worship movement of the 80s (not necessarily the entire history of modern worship).

      • Nick Alexander

        The 80s might’ve been when that church started.

        It should also be noted that this past weekend I played “More Love More Power…” by choice. Although, not their way…

        • Indeed. It’s definitely titled inaccurately. Maybe should have been more like “A Nostalgic Look Back At Modern Worship Songs From The Charismatic Church in the Late 80s/Early 90s”

          Haha. P.S. I love More Love, More Power as well!